BDS Fundraisers Tied to Terror. What Does That Say About Ilhan Omar?


[State Department Photo/ Public Domain]

Rep. Ilhan Omar openly supports  BDS. Certainly, Speaker Pelosi should remove her from the Foreign Affairs Committee she now sits on, thanks to Pelosi’s appointment.

Pelosi should also censure her. Omar actually fought back when Pelosi (to her credit) publicly denounced  BDS in a speech before AIPAC:

“We must also be vigilant against bigoted or dangerous ideologies masquerading as policy, and that includes BDS,” she added.

“Did you know this? It does not recognize — and many of its supporters don’t know or explicitly deny — it does not recognize the right of Jewish people to national self-determination.”

Omar pushed back against the Speaker, claiming she had been “trying to speak as [a] member of Congress … sworn to protect the Constitution.”

Somehow, I can’t see Omar defending our Constitution.

Does the Somali-born Ilhan Omar have ties to terror? She’s not a member of a terror group, so far as we know. But she supports BDS, which, as noted above has been linked to terror.

In addition, the Clarion Project says this of Omar:
“CAIR held three fundraising events in California for the candidate. CAIR is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that was designated as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates. FBI wiretaps in 1993 revealed CAIR was established to deceptively push the Islamist agenda in America.”

Omar, in turn helped raise money for CAIR. And, though CAIR hasn’t been designated a Foreign Terror Organization by the United States, it has been so designated by the United Arab Emirates.

Also, there’s this:
“On July 1, 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis upheld CAIR’s designation as an unindicted co-conspirator because of ‘ample evidence” linking it to Hamas.’” Hamas is designated by the United States as an FTO.

That’s why “The FBI subsequently severed official contacts with the group, saying it ‘does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.’”

CAIR is also not an appropriate liaison partner for a member of Congress, IMO; certainly even less appropriate for a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, which handles sensitive and classified information about our ally Israel.

If Democrats want to preserve the speck of credibility they still have, they need to denounce anti-Semitism and expel lawmakers with ties to terror—even indirect ties.

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