Beacon Publisher Says Obama Is Not Welcomed in Roseburg After Politicizing the Tragedy


David Jacques

Barack Obama and his ilk are using the tragedy in Oregon to attack the Second Amendment. His argument is completely illogical but people are so desperate to stop these horrific murders that they will buy into it without truly thinking about the impossible logic of eliminating every gun and the illegal gun trade. They won’t consider that the gun grabbers will go after knives next as former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg did during his reign.

The people of Roseburg will not go along with Obama’s agenda. This is one tragedy he won’t be able to fully exploit.

The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques says Obama is not welcome after his comments politicizing the shooting death of nine people at Umpaqua Community College.




  1. First off I want to give my condolences to every family affected by this horrid murders, and to all who are dealing with injuries associated with the shooting!!! My heart was broken for the families when i heard the presdent use this tragedy to push his agenda! Never saw one bit of compassion for the families involved!!! I agree with your state/County not inviting him and his agenda…hopefully other states/counties/cities will follow your lead! May God richly bless you all!!!

  2. Condolences to all the families who lost loved ones.

    Thank you for standing up to Obama and out of control political correctness Mr. Jacques!

    We can’t let truth be silenced.

  3. thank u got considering the families that lost a loved one and for keep that race baiting president from coming back. More people and states and counties need to do that. Keep up the great work u do

  4. God Bless you for standing up for what is right Mr. Jacques. Prayers are with all those who lost loved ones in this terrible senseless deed. You are so right he had no compassion for those who were killed and injured only his own agenda!

  5. I support you community 100% President Obama lacks respect for personal humanity. He does not understand there is a Grief Process for the individual and community. God give healing to those who are broken in spirit.

  6. The very fact that on every domestic or international issue over the last 7.7 yrs. of Obama have been made a political hatchet job should scare every American who understands our heritage, history and VALUES. The WH has been damaged beyond resurrection over these last few years with scandals, lies, horrid policies on the Bill of Rights, life, borders, war, our military , Islamism, caving to illegals, caving to PC baloney, energy and now guns and the 2nd Amendment. Enough. Liberal Dems seem hell bent on perverting the American experience and the useful idiots who vote for them or are so apathetic ala our youth and know nothings, are making America into a 3rd world state. Truly Enough.

  7. I would just like to give the highest praise to the Christians that stood facing death and had the courage to affirm their faith in God and not Deny him! What a Beautiful example to the rest of the world about how much Faith is still in our country!
    Contrary to Obama’s lies, this is Still a Christian Nation!
    I pray for those who lost friend’s and family! May God give you Peace and Comfort in this tragic time of grief. Your community is shining Brightly in an ever darkening world.
    It is a sincere and heartfelt desire of mine to come and preach in one of your local Church’s in support of your community and to offer encouragement in a message guided by the Holy Spirit. I am in awe of how your community has handled the situation with such Class and Unity and Resolve. God bless you all!

  8. Glad to see that there is a sane publisher in Oregon. All we ever heard about that beautiful state is how much craziness the far-left is doing to it, be it on campuses or in the major cities/city councils.

    This is no time to politicize anything.

    Our prayers go out to all those who suffered in this tragedy.

  9. Given the stance of the sheriff, this publisher and the ten comments above, I can safely state that Roseberg, Oregon is a place I don’t want to visit. It makes me shudder to think of having a flat tire in such a place.

    • Comment’s like Paul’s make me really fearful for our country. What assumptions he must be making from the publishers’ comments cannot imagine. Hopefully people are becoming more aware of ‘spin’ and slanted journalism within our country. That may be the only way things get turned around.

      • Hopefully you’re right because it takes all of 5 seconds of research to show the lacking merit of every single right wing article I read. I’m not even sure how conservatives can so blindly follow everything they read and totally disregard hard facts when they are presented against their beliefs…instead resorting to “libtards” or other name calling when they can’t dispute it.

    • Our community is a great place to live and raise children. Let me point out that the shooter wasn’t raised here. Obviously something was greatly lacking in his upbringing. We are blessed to live in such a great place. Maybe you should go hang out with Obama. He is looking for validation by visiting these families. He has already shown that he is no better than those vultures from the press. Wanting to pick thru the carnage to further their agenda.

    • Sadly, as one who is from this area, I’m ashamed at how some of the vocal are making Roseburg seem even worse than it is. It makes the good people from Roseburg look bad and like some backwards hole.

    • Roseburg is a wonderful small town with old fashioned morals and values. I would live there in a heartbeat if we didn’t live 50 miles down the road. The citizens of Roseburg don’t appreciate the sensationalized media attention generated by Obama and in case you hadn’t noticed he wasn’t invited to visit Roseburg. Given your attitude, Roseburg probably wouldn’t want you there either, flat tire or not.

  10. And Mr. Jacques. Who are you to decide what the families would like? Maybe it would help them to talk to the President. Your opinions are just, that, yours, just as mine are. Perhaps there are family members that have lost a loved one that would like more gun control. It’s NOT about YOU! Personally, I think You are very inappropriate for assuming that everyone must agree with you. I saw Obama’s speech as showing much frustration at seeing this happen again…and again…and again.

    • Gloria, my sentiments exactly! I saw the Presidents speech also. It didn’t lack compassion and yes, he was frustrated like many of us are. Mr. Jacques is the one being an extremist. And probably a devout Republican! 🙂

    • Gloria, Doug, Paul, et al. Does it even bother you that the proposed solutions to tragic incidents like this would have been futile even if they had been in place? Does it occur to you to question why all of the shootings in the last eight years have occurred in places where firearms are not allowed? These killers may be “crazy” but they are not stupid.

      Over and over we have seen that there are only two reliable ways to stop these killers. Either someone shoots them or they use armed resistance to scare the killer into shooting himself. Background checks didn’t work in Oregon because the perpetrator had already passed several to acquire his firearms. He was not blocked because he had not been identified as a danger to himself or others. Background checks and waiting periods are not effective when someone already owns firearms or when they have no record of being a dangerous person. Other incidents have shown that killers can enlist others to get around those checks, steal the gun or even murder to obtain a gun.

      Remember these people have already planned in advance what they want to do. Once they decide to leapfrog past the social and legal restraints against murder then breaking “lesser” laws means little to them. These killers believe their lives are no longer worth living and are willing to forfeit them after venting their anger. Most will suicide after the deed while others kill themselves as soon as armed resistance appears.

      It’s easy to blame the firearms industry, but that’s only a tool. Two of the worst mass murders in our history were committed without firearms. One involved nothing more than a gallon of gasoline and a pack of matches. The other involved the use of boxcutters. Like it or not, guns are not to blame. It is the blackness and despair that envelops the souls of those who commit the crime.

  11. Thank you for standing up for the Second Amendment and rejecting this sick attempt by this shameless administration to use your personal tragedies to promote an anti-American tyrannical agenda. Stand firm, many in the midwest stand with you. Praying for healing and peace in your community.

  12. Mr. Jacques is to be commended for having the courage and good sense to stand up to the brazen & disrespectful attempt of Obama to use the Roseburg tragedy to further his political agenda. I just hope Obama has the courage & good sense to not show up!

  13. First condolences to all involved in this senseless attack.
    I believe that they knew he was going to strike posting it on FB so can make you suspicious that they didn’t act because they wanted to use it to push their gun control. These cowards most the time pick gun free zones and if there were guns around the outcome could of been different saving lives. No one ever wants to be in a position they wished they had a gun to protect themselves or their loved ones.
    At the same time this tragic insident happened in China a knife attack left 50 people dead. Do you see their leaders calling to ban knives?
    I saw Bill Maher brag about being a stoner not a gangster. Was he driving around in his car while he was getting stoned? Probably. Should we ban cars.
    More of these strikes have happened while Obama in office than I can ever remember. One could be suspicious they are encouraging these nut jobs. If you look at Sandy Hook you can find things are very suspicious including the possibility it never even happened to soke looking into it. It is quite obvious it’s an agenda for the current administration.
    There is no such thing as a free country without the means to defend it.
    There are probably as many guns if not more than cars and cars kill more people than guns.
    Obama stiring up race baiting, poverty, anti christian and American propaganda, division of the people, a just us system, allowing criminals across the border, these are the things that spark these attacks in the first place.
    He’s a dictator with disregard to the constitution that would love to strip us of our constitutional rights and line us up in who knows what agenda next if they could,

    • How do you even compare cars to guns? Are people using cars for murder weapons by the tens to hundreds a day now? I missed the headline I guess

  14. So so sad. May God be with the families that lost loved ones in this another tragic event. Yes people are hurting and reacting. We need to stop using this horrid tragedy to promote anyone’s agenda, right/left, guns/gun control, democrats/republicans… Let the grief and healing take place!!

  15. It’s some blog/flyer/fringe-weekly, apparently. Fox News isn’t the brightest bunch around, but it looks like they’ve been duped into thinking this is some other legit, widely-circulating paper in Roseburg besides the News Review. Kind of reminds me of that guy they had on for a while repeatedly saying cities in Europe were under Islamist control and the police couldn’t enter. Or Trump sadly falling prey to that guy with the fake veterans group.

  16. You people are unimaginable and unpatriotic idiots. You all make me sick and none of you have a right to call yourselves Americans.

  17. Everybody knows the real reason Obama was there to push for more gun control laws and to stand on the graves of the victims and demand a end to the 2nd Amendment I mean vultures are not the only opertunists so are demacrats

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