Beautiful Barcelona, Scene of a Brutal Jihadist Attack, Trump Talks General Pershing


Jihadist killer in Barcelona

Europe and the United States will have hand-to-hand combat in the streets if immigration is not revised to allow for proper vetting and assimilation. If you put people in ghettos, don’t give them jobs, and they come from Third World environments, you will breed terrorists.

We don’t know if that is what happened in Barcelona yet, but it is happening throughout the EU and it’s beginning in the United States.

At least 12 are dead in Barcelona, possibly 15 after a large van crashed into innocents in Barcelona, in the Ramblas tourist area. Two armed men then entered a restaurant.

Early reports indicate that 50 are injured.

By way of my job at the time, I was able to spend time in quaint and beautiful Barcelona with its lovely, friendly people. It’s troubling to see innocents attacked so needlessly on a popular street in a lovely, peaceful place. Please trust me when I say these people could be your brothers and sisters.

Police shot and killed another attacker in a different van.

President Trump tweeted and his tweets are logic in the face of PC, but it’s sending some into fits.


The President also brought up a mythical story about General Pershing dipping bullets into pig’s blood which will spoil his message for some but the message was heard.

This is the scene after the assault.

Warning, this is very graphic:


Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke has been briefed on the situation in Barcelona, Spain and is being kept apprised of developments. DHS has reached out to Spanish authorities, and the Department is standing by to support our allies as they respond to and recover from this horrendous attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and those affected.

We will not let terrorism become the new normal. Instead, such acts of violence only harden our resolve to fight back against violent extremists, bring them to justice, and dismantle their networks. DHS will continue its efforts to raise the baseline of our security across the board and to work with foreign partners to help them do the same.

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