Beauty & the Beastie! Joy Behar Trashes Melania Trump


‘The View’ host Joy Behar recently appeared on a CNN show hosted by Communist Van Jones to trash the President and — especially — her favorite target, Melania Trump.

She described the President as someone who rips people off but quickly jumped to Melania.

Behar said Melania is a birther, referencing an appearance on ‘The View’ in 2011.

“That was the one place where she showed her true colors because she believed in birtherism, just like her husband,” Behar said. “She said they didn’t have the right birth certificate in Hawaii.”

What Melania told the panel of gossipy leftist hens at the time was that the American people want to see the President’s birth certificate.

“It’s not only Donald who wants to see [Obama’s birth certificate], it’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that,” she argued. Behar said there is a birth certificate on display and all over the internet. “We feel it’s different than a birth certificate.”

Behar didn’t bother to mention that it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that started the Birther movement.


Melania Trump has it good, Behar said. She was doing “nothing” before marrying Trump.

“She is now enjoying the fruits of the American country,” she said before commenting on her parents. “They’re enjoying chain migration which a lot of people in this country, unfortunately, are not enjoying because her husband wants to stop it. Why shouldn’t she go along with it? You know she was in Slovenia doing nothing. I don’t know what she was doing there.”

And we thought the left loved chain migration. The left fights for more of it non-stop.

Van Jones told the 75-year old she was a model.

“OK, she was a model, now she’s the first lady. I mean, come on. As my mother would say, who is better than her?”

Sounds jealous to us!

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