Before “Judging” President Trump, Nadler Was Going to Bat for Cop Killers & Terrorists


            Before occasionally nodding off while chairing the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impeachment of President  Donald Trump,  Jerry Nadler chose very radical positions regarding the crime and punishment of several of our most notoriously dangerous killers.

            While The Sentinel covered this before, it’s worth reviewing some history of the guy fellow Democrats chose to take the lead in punishing a sitting president of the United States.

            During August of 1999, in what was later discovered to be a misguided political move to help Hilary gain traction with Puerto Rican voters,  President Bill Clinton offered clemency to 12 members of FALN.  It was a Puerto Rican terrorist group, with no real support on the island.

            Between 1974 and 1983 they set off over 130 bombs in the U.S., killing 6 and wounding many more. Included in that carnage was the historic Fraunces Tavern which was in Nadler’s own district.  Four innocents were slaughtered, and 60 injured!

            On the day of the House clemency vote, “…Nadler took to the floor for six and a half minutes and defended Clinton’s action as well as the FALN itself, saying there was no proof, even though at the time four of their members had been convicted of making bombs and a fifth had been convicted of killing someone with a bomb.”

            But ol’ Jerry’s soft-spot for terrorists didn’t stop there.  We have the case of Susan Rosenberg and Judith Clark, who were members of the May 19th Coalition.  In October of 1981, a Brinks security guard was killed during a robbery in Nanuet, New York.  Minutes later, 2 police officers were murdered at a roadblock nearby.  Rosenberg and Clark were in lookout and getaway vehicles that drove off.  Rosenberg initially escaped capture but Clark did not.

            “Rosenberg continued her major terrorist activity…She was finally caught in 1984, hauling 730 pounds of bombs and several illegal weapons, and some of the caches of bombs had been used in several bombings in New York and Washington, including one at the Capitol in 1983…”. “In 1994, when Rosenberg was first up for parole, Nadler sent a letter to the New York Parole Board recommending her release, which they rejected. As Bill Clinton’s term was ending in 2001, Nadler made a direct pitch to him, and Rosenberg was freed in Clinton’s final 15 minutes in the office….” “She now publicly praises other terrorists and murderers….”.

            More recently Nadler turned his kind attention to the “plight” of “convicted cop killer” Judith Clark.  Supposedly serving 75 years to life for her complicity in the murder of Nyack police Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown, Jerry sent a letter to the NY parole board urging them to release “Judy” Clark.  It was similar to a letter he sent in 2013.  But while Clark was denied by a unanimous vote then, in the spring of 2019 Congressman Nadler was granted his latest, leftist fever dream.  She was sprung.

            So, in summary, Chairman Jerry Nadler, the sleepy, self-righteous accuser of  President Donald Trump, has, for decades, proudly gone to bat for terrorists and cop killers.  How’s that for some perspective on this impeachment-over-a-phone-call business?

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