Befuddled Elizabeth Warren Can’t Understand Why U.S. Bombed ISIS with That Big Bomb


Elizabeth Warren is very confused. She wants to talk to the military because she doesn’t understand why that particular bomb was used and why we bombed ISIS. From what she says, the Democrats in general are confused.

Wow! How could you explain something this obvious to her? This is the woman who was perfectly fine with Barack Obama having no strategy whatsoever so someone actually killing the enemy comes as a shock apparently.

President Trump, who promised to “bomb the s*** out of ISIS”, oversaw the U.S. Air Force dropping an 11-ton GBU-43B conventional bomb on ISIS terrorists. ISIS, as people know, has attracted psychopaths from around the world. It’s not all that shocking that he used the big bomb and killed 36 ISIS terrorists skulking in caves in Afghanistan.

Actually killing them as promised is just not that hard to understand.

Well, she does think she’s Native-American based on her grandfather’s high cheekbones.

I wonder if she saw the aerial footage of the bombing yet? That will really confuse her. She will no doubt worry about the environmental effects.

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