Being Hillary Clinton Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry



Hillary Clinton gave a sit-down interview with left-winger Andrea Mitchell and claimed that her seemingly illegal activities which are being investigated by the FBI were allowed. She said that even though Mitchell read the rules in the State Department handbook to her which say the opposite.

Hillary Clinton twice refused to say she was sorry about endangering national security but being a Clinton means never having to say you’re sorry.

Hillary told Andrea Mitchell that she had her own private server because she wasn’t thinking. I thought she had it so she’d only have one device?!?

She keeps claiming the documents were all saved in the government server. She also claimed falsely claimed she had one device and, after her initial speech on the issue, blog sites were posting photos of her with her different phones, laptop and her iPad.

If she wasn’t thinking about exposing national security secrets, isn’t that a disqualifier for the presidency?

Can you see her answering the phone at 3 in the morning when she’s half-asleep?



  1. Hillary had her private server “because she wasn’t thinking”? Should anyone who has lapses of brain activity and periods of confusion be elevated to the most demanding and powerful position of POTUS?

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