Who Do You Believe? CNN Calls Student Hero a Liar [VIDEO]


CNN called student hero Colton Haab a liar Thursday. Colton is the Stoneman Douglas student, a survivor, who suggested putting up Kevlar sheets to help protect his classmates while he waited by a door to accost the shooter if he entered his classroom. He is being called a hero. In fact, CNN called him a hero.

Mr. Haab agreed to attend CNN’s town hall Wednesday night but ended up canceling because they wanted to tell him what to say. Originally, CNN said he could ask his own question which was posing the possibility of using veterans as armed guards. That’s when they decided he had to ask a “scripted question.”

CNN said he wanted to give a long speech about arming teachers and they had already covered that.

Colton denied their version, adding he was “very shocked” that as a survivor they insisted on having him read their words. The whole idea was to have people hear from the students and families.

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