Ben Carson’s had enough, free housing to go to Americans, not illegals


Many illegal immigrants come to the United States for the Democrat party’s promise of “Free stuff.” They have sent the message that they will be taken care of, and it is especially true of Democrat locales and sanctuaries.

It has created a homeless crisis. Illegal aliens are getting into public housing projects before our poor Americans.

Ben Carson is putting an end to it.

According to Daily Caller, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will propose a new rule that prevents non-citizens from obtaining financial housing assistance.

People here illegally, grifters, have been able to game the system by having a baby or moving in with a legal resident. The new rule covers the loopholes by preventing any illegal immigrant from residing in subsidized housing, even if they are not the direct recipient of the benefit.

Currently, HUD estimates that tens of thousands of HUD households are headed by non-citizens.

They have pushed our poor Americans onto the streets.

If American families allow illegals to move in with them, they will now have to move out of their subsidized housing under the new HUD rules.

This will help get Americans off the streets and out of tent cities.

It is a continuation of the President’s ‘America First’ policies. This is a good start in telling illegal aliens, you can’t storm our borders and then live off taxpayer-funded welfare.


According to HUD, there are millions of American citizens on waitlists for government-assisted housing because the department does not have enough resources.

This isn’t cruel. What is cruel is allowing Americans to live on the streets while foreigners get free housing. Foreign criminals and drug addicts are getting Section 8 housing, forcing the poor onto the streets.

Take LA County for example

The Los Angeles County officials are telling foreigners how to get “free” money and benefits from hard working Americans.

The notice specifically states that it won’t affect immigration status.

Free medical care, one-time payments, non-cash benefits, emergency relief, transportation vouchers, housing assistance, child care services, educational assistance and more.

If you check the LA County Department of Public Social Services, you will find all these services are available and it doesn’t look too hard to get most of it without being a citizen.

Sanctuary locales funnel money into illegals who then provide support and numbers [assembly seats] for the politicians. The entire state of California is a sanctuary state.

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