Ben Stein Calls the President Bozo the Clown and Chuckles the Clown


Maybe Ben Stein should consider moving to the UK since he likes Theresa May but calls our President, Bozo the Clown and Chuckles the Clown. Such is the level of discourse in the media today.

The anti-trumper said to the laughter of Fox News hosts that, “Someone queried me about whether I thought this was a beginning of a new Maggie Thatcher, Ronald Reagan revolution but I don’t think so. I think comparing him to Ronald Reagan is like comparing Bozo the Clown to Abraham Lincoln.”

Towards the end of the segment, he corrected himself and said, “I probably shouldn’t have said that about Bozo the Clown, Chuckles the Clown sounds better.”

He compared Trump’s executive orders to Obama’s but failed to mention that his are to order officials to follow the law and keep Americans safe. Obama’s did the opposite.

About Trump’s economic ideas, he said in April that they are, “Breathtakingly horrible.” He also said they were “sheer idiocy”, “nonsensical” and “wacky, wacky as wacky can be”. That was on the CNN newsroom. Stein said he thinks Trump’s ideas on defense and foreign policy are excellent, “but his ideas about the economy are just absolutely bewilderingly foolish.”

At another time he said “he wasn’t right in the head”.

Economist Ben Stein is a former speechwriter for Nixon and Ford who accused Ron Paul of anti-semitism. He’s also an actor and a writer. The left hates him. They call him a racist, a fake economist, a global warming crazy, and a corporate whore. Atheists hate him too.

Stein believes in big spending and higher taxes.

Stein said he’d vote for Hillary or Bernie the communist over Donald Trump.

Maybe he qualifies as a bozo.

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Mike Wingeier
Mike Wingeier
7 years ago

BUEHLER?? . . .