Benghazi Cover Up Must Not Continue



“It was obvious from the information we had on Sept. 11 that the second wave … of attacks on the annex was unequivocally a terrorist attack, and we knew it right at the time,” Senator Inhofe said, accusing the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan E. Rice, of lying to the American people.

Bill O’Reilly said the other day that he doesn’t want to report on the Benghazi story any longer. It’s done and the administration has won.

I won’t give up. The news cycle may have waned but there are serious questions about a government cover up that could involve violations of the rule of law or just plain incompetence. The administration seems eager to accept the incompetence label. That has to make one wonder.

Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, interviewed by Jeanine Pirro on February 9th:

Review of the Benghazi testimony on Special Report. Keep in mind that none of these people are far-right crazies. Kirsten Powers a Democrat.

Highlights of the Benghazi testimony on February 7th:

via SocialistMopDotCom

We didn’t even send help as the survivors of Benghazi were exchanging fire with the attackers at the airport. We waited until the attack at the consulate and the safe house was over.

President Obama had his big fundraiser in Vegas the day after the Benghazi attack but that hardly seems like a reason for him to not even inquire about the consulate and the welfare of the 30 some-odd people under fire. Did the president give the order to stand down? Did he want to cover up the incident? Did he simply think it was no big deal? Were they gun-running to Syrian rebels via Turkey?

We send weapons to Mexican cartels so why is it conspiratorial to think that we might be sending weapons to Syria? If we are, we are circumventing the law.

In this video, Hillary Clinton feigns confusion at the possibility of weapons being sent by us to other countries:

We need answers.

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