Benghazi Exposes Hill as a Heartless Liar & Tone Deaf Pol


Hillary in NH
Maybe it’s just that Hillary Clinton is surrounded by so many toady sycophants, both in her campaign and the media, she’s unable to genuinely reflect on the very unflattering image many Americans have of her. Maybe it’s Hill’s sense of elitist entitlement that prevents her from taking a good look in the same mirror used by all those common-folk voters. Or perhaps she simply doesn’t want the reality of seeing that a significant majority of “everyday people” find her to be neither “honest or trustworthy”.

In any case, while Ms. Clinton’s problematic actions related to the deadly attack on our embassy in Benghazi have increasingly fed into her slumping numbers, apparently Hill’s tact is to continue appearing smug, aloof, bored and deceitful. The death of Ambassador Stevens and 3 other heroic countrymen not withstanding, Hillary glibly toddles forward on her poorly chosen path.

Despite our former “Shirk-retary of State’s” recent congressional testimony unequivocally demonstrating she’d lied about the cause of the Libyan attack, not only to all America, but the families of those murdered, she continues to double down on her haughtily displayed, distasteful, dismissive attitude. Guess we can assume that anyone able to stand among the coffins of 4 slaughtered Americans, one of whom she considered a “friend”, and lie to their loved ones about an obscure video, is capable of almost any kind of indecent behavior.

And Wednesday night Clinton’s shameless practices continued. Following the Republican debate, she expressed her feelings through a tweet. Ms. Clinton provided a clip from the Benghazi hearings, showing her obviously disinterested, and disdainfully “brushing off” something from her shoulder. It solidifies the impression Hillary remains absolutely unmoved by her disastrous role in that fatal 911 event.

The fact Candidate Clinton thinks that, once again, reminding the general electorate of her aloofness, under the guise of attacking Republicans, is a winning political strategy speaks to the kind of “tin ear” (remember dead broke) she’s demonstrated throughout this latest run for the presidency.

The successful terror attack on our Libyan consulate under “her watch” has revealed a lot about Bill Clinton’s wife, and not much of it is good. Most recently Hillary’s handling of Benghazi has substantively exposed her as heartless liar and tone deaf pol.

It’s no surprise, an increasing number of well informed Americans, do no trust Hillary Clinton.







  1. I’m wondering about her stability. She lies so much.

    This lady is insane. Her laughter has got to be a form of pure insanity.

    Feigned insanity is the simulation of mental illness in order to deceive. Amongst other purposes, insanity is feigned in order to avoid or lessen the consequences of a confrontation or conviction for an alleged crime.

  2. Granted, a lot of Republicans hate HRC and would do anything to bring her down – like spend $5,000,000 browbeating her in a blatant attempt to depress her poll numbers (Thank you Kevin McCarthy for being so honest). But the hearings, it turned out, backfired. She had her biggest web site fund raising day ever the day after she testified.

    • GOP doesn’t have to do very much to bring her down. Just let her campaign and talk. The numbers drop every time the public gets an extended look at her. It never fails.

    • People like you are blind. Honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through her lies and criminal actions. I am beginning to believe that those supporting HRC’s presidential candidacy are as mentally sick and psychotic as she is. The moment I heard her blame the Benghazi attack on a video, I doubted it. Granted I was not impressed with that video, but I doubt it doesn’t take to much of a brain to figure out the Benghazi attack was a well planned military maneuver that a group of angry demonstrators just could not pull off and with American weapons no less!!! Ridiculous for you to defend her!! Ridiculous!!

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