Benghazi Hillary for President in 2016! Are You Ready? I’m Not



If you haven’t had enough of over-spending and government-by-fiat, more is coming your way if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president. If you liked Obama, vote Hillary, she should prove to be even worse.

The ‘Ready for Hillary’ Political Action Committee has launched. General Wesley Clark, a Center for American Progress leftist, has sent out an email to supporters seeking their support for a 2016 run for the White House by Hillary Clinton, according to netnewsledger. He even has bumper stickers ready.

Of course we all know her announcement is coming, but the build-up is traumatic. It’s like Chinese water torture.

Obama’s Organizing for Action will help the Hillary campaign according to MoveOn, but does she need help with her record?

Hillary gets credit for Egypt:

She gets credit for Benghazi but what difference…at this point…does it make?

Have you noticed that almost every Benghazi story in the mainstream media does NOT mention her name? She was the Secretary of State! She was responsible!

Do you want her picking up the phone at 3 am? Wait for 00:26:

Hillary is a Bill de Blasio Leftist:

She feigned ducking sniper fire in Bosnia, here’s the comical account:

By the way, she won’t let you keep your doctor and your insurance either. Hillary devoted the early part of her husband’s presidency to an ultimately failed effort to enact socialist health care reform — and was a vocal advocate for overhaul during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Read Hillary’s comments on Obamacare at Legal Insurrection.

Some suspect she might try to deceive the public by running on repealing it. If so, what we get in return will likely be worse.

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