Paid Fabulist Susan Rice Is Our New National Security Adviser


What better person to advise the president than the woman who went on all the Sunday news shows and lied, conveying misinformation about Benghazi. Prior to this, I would have said she didn’t necessarily lie, but rather repeated erroneous Talking Points. Her position as National Security Adviser puts a different take on that. She’s no dupe, she’s an adviser. This could be her payback for spreading misinformation about Benghazi. She’s a loyal soldier to the administration but not to the American people.

Maybe he could find a position for Anthony Weiner while he’s at it.

Tom Donilon is leaving and she is his replacement. It’s a slap in the face of Republicans who were outraged at her Benghazi performance.

Susan Rice is the US Ambassador to the UN. She was considered by Barack Obama for the position of  Secretary of State but her nomination was going to be blocked by Senate Republicans for lying about Benghazi.

Her critical position as national security adviser will now put her in daily contact with the president.

The appointment is more proof that this administration will continue their hopeless national security policy based on the false premise that al Qaeda is defeated. The lies will continue and attacks like Ft. Hood and the Boston bombing will be swept under the carpet.

We will likely never hear from Tom Donilon on Benghazi. No one knows where he was the night of the Benghazi terror attack.

mission accomplished

Ironic photo of Barack Obama on ship with banner “Mission Accomplished”

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