Benghazi Timeline Exposes Shocking Incompetence & Coverups



Bodies of four murdered Americans arrive at Andrews Air Force base

Bret Baier had a special on Fox News this weekend which provided an updated timeline of the events before, during and after the Benghazi attacks. The information was taken from sworn testimony and correspondence and communications between administration officials. The timeline which is outlined here exposes the truth about Benghazi and the network of lies that were meant to keep the truth from the American people.

The four Americans who died on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi were left without adequate security and they were left to die. The events surrounding the Benghazi attacks were then covered up by administration officials.

It is a heartbreaking story and the truth needs to be exposed.

According to a Fox News poll, 71% of the American people want to continue the investigation of the Benghazi attacks. Media Matters says the American people are uninterested.

US interests have been under attack from radical Islam since the 1979 Iran hostage taking. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, terrorists were treated like common criminals. After 9/11/01, that changed and the war on terror was announced by then-President Bush. This administration has brought us back to treating terrorists like criminals in what Obama calls “smart diplomacy.”

Obama began his diplomatic smart mission by going on an apology tour, explaining to foreign nations that our freedom agenda was a “clumsy overreach” and no one country should attempt it as the US has.

Things changed when in March 2011 Obama, in a speech to students at National Defense University, he said he was intervening in Libya to stop a bloodbath. He said if we did not intervene, Benghazi would suffer a massacre that would stain the world.

In the meantime, in 2011, Nikoula Bassely Nikoula, an amateur filmmaker, was planning a scheme to alert the world to the threats from radical Islam. He wanted the world to know that “evil would be coming from the east. It’s the terrorism culture.”

In October 2011, Khaddafi was captured and killed. At the time, Benghazi was a rebel stronghold and continues to be, and the violence escalated after Khaddafi’s death. Assassinations and car bombings were taking place but it seemed to be Libyan on Libyan. The administration believed it was not directed at foreigners.

At that time, the safe haven was built in a Benghazi rental with five special agents and four members of the Islamic Martyrs Brigade. A mile away, a more secure annex was built. Also a base was established in Tripoli.

In the spring of 2012, there was an uptick in attacks with one occurring every three days. Nonetheless, Lt. Col. Wood and his security team were scheduled to leave Benghazi by the administration.

In a March 28, 2012 cable to Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Stevens asked for more security. On April 6, a bomb was thrown over the compound wall. On April 19, a return cable signed by Hillary Clinton denied the request for additional security. Clinton later denied knowledge of the cable which had her signature stamp.

On June 6, an IED was thrown over the North Gate of the compound.

On June 7, Ambassador Stevens asked to keep two security teams who were ordered removed. His request was denied.

On June 11, a British convoy was ambushed and two security officials were hurt. The British decided to pull out. It was known at this time that the attacks were being carried out by skilled operators of Ansar al-Sharia, an al-Qa’ida affiliate, who were targeting international organizations and foreign nationals. Ansar al-Sharia was growing stronger.

On June 25, Stevens sent another cable about the deteriorating conditions and the targeted attacks by Ansar al-Sharia but the fantasy world of the Obama administration didn’t compute that type of information.

At the same time, Nikoula, the erstwhile filmmaker, renamed his film to The Innocence of bin Laden. He hoped that he would get the attention of Taliban wannabes in California. He portrayed Mohammed as a gay, homicidal pedophile. He aired the film but almost no one came to see it. Deeply disappointed, he decided to upload it to youtube under a fake name – Sam Basile.

While this was going on, Gregory Hicks, former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, requested more diplomatic security for Libya and was told by the Secretary for Diplomatic Security, Charlene Lamb, to stop making the formal requests. She wanted to know why he was making these requests when he had already been given a response.

On August 8, Ambassador Stevens sent another cable to State notifying them that the attacks in Libya were “not random crimes” but “targeted and discriminated attacks.”

The reason Ambassador Stevens was in Libya on 9/11 was to complete a report for Hillary Clinton. Stevens told Gregory Hicks he was in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton wanted Benghazi to become a permanent constituency post and she told him to have a report by September 30th.

On September 6th, at the North Carolina DNC convention, the speakers promoted the war successes of the Obama administration. John Kerry said in a speech “in Libya,”  there were “no American casualties,” “Muammar Khaddafi is gone,” and the “people of Libya are free.”

The truth about the administration’s poor performance in Benghazi would have negatively impacted the election.

Back in California, Coptic Christian Nikoula found a promoter for his film and it was linked to an event with Koran-burning pastor, Terry Jones. An Islamic broadcaster saw the video and aired parts of the it on Egyptian TV. Egyptians were outraged.

On September 9th, Ambassador Stevens was warned by a security adviser that the Martyrs Brigade could not be trusted. [I have to interject here. Isn’t their name a dead giveaway?] Steven’s security team was preparing to leave at this time.

On 9/10, Stevens arrived in Benghazi. It was supposed to be a secret trip on the eve of 9/11 but someone tipped off the media who covered his movements in the local papers.

The day after the attack, on September 12th, President Obama said that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous attack carried out by a mob who were outraged over the youtube video.

Gregory Hicks, in sworn testimony, said that there was nothing spontaneous about it and, at the time, no one in Libya was thinking that.



6:43 in the morning on 9/11:  A Libyan police officer is spotted taking photos of the inside of the mission. It rattles Sean Smith who messages a friend, “Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.”

12:11 in the afternoon in Cairo: Protesters surround the Cairo embassy to protest Nikoula’s film but it is part of a much larger protest against the US, President Obama, and US foreign policy. Protesters display the al-Qai’da flag and shout, “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.”

6:45 pm Cairo: Protesters storm the US embassy in Cairo.

Gregory Hicks who was in Tripoli called Stevens in Benghazi to tell him what was going on in Cairo. Stevens didn’t know. Universities have to send out alerts. Maybe embassies and missions should follow the same guideline.

9:00 pm:  Sean Smith and Chris Stevens retire for the evening as do 4 security officers. Security officer Alec Henderson is at the annex. Gregory Hicks testified that the video was a non-event in Libya from beginning to end.

9:42 pm: Henderson hears shots and an explosion. It is 3:42 in the afternoon in DC. Henderson sounds the alarm, shouting into his radio. He notified Chalene Lamb who was on duty at the State Department. He notified the quick reaction response security team stationed nearby, the Libyan 17th February Brigade, the diplomatic command in DC, and the embassy in Tripoli.

The attackers walked in through the gate of the mission without resistance. Sean Smith and Chris Stevens were hiding in a safe room. Hicks was given the information by a security officer and called Stevens who said “we are under attack.” The line then went dead.

Ty Woods was at the annex with others who mobilized a response team to repel the attack at the mission.

9:59 pm: An unarmed drone headed for the compound. Gregory Hicks called DC. to report the attack. It was 4 pm at the operation center. There were no reports of a protest. All reports spoke of an attack.

At 4:04 pm DC time: Hillary Clinton was notified and spoke to Tom Donilon. She said she told officials to consider every option and to break down the doors of Libyan officials to get support. We were apparently completely reliant on Libyan largesse in her mind.

Mark Thompson, counterterrorism official for the quick response team – FEST – wanted to immediately dispatch the team. It is the purpose of the team. It is their mission and the reason for their existence.

Back at the annex, the CIA team said they were told to stand down twice. The accountability review board said they were not delayed by orders from superiors. They were told to stand in.

10:45 pm: Gregory Hicks asked the Pentagon’s defense attache if there was any help coming and he was told that nothing was on its way. Hicks now knew that they are on their own.

10:54: The six-member team from the annex arrived at the mission and drove the attackers out of the mission. Sean Smith is dead and no one can find Ambassador Stevens.

5 pm in the afternoon in DC: Leon Panetta is attending his weekly meeting with Obama.

Leon Panetta later testified that there was no one outside Libya who was close enough to respond. He said the closest team was in Tripoli – that was Gregory Hicks security team.

Back in Tripoli, Gregory Hicks does not have a plane and has to charter one. We left these men without even a plane.

11:10 pm: The unarmed drone circles the mission with cameras rolling. A second team of attackers besieges the compound as the annex team withdraws.

Panetta testified that there wasn’t enough time to send help. The attack was 8 hours long but Panetta thought the first attack was it and he had no intelligence to indicate otherwise.

5:30 pm DC: Panetta finished his weekly meeting with Obama and goes to the Pentagon where he summons Generals Dempsey and Ham and senior staff. They discuss Benghazi for two hours while the attack continues.

Midnight Benghazi, 6:00 pm DC time: The second attack is commencing as teams return to the annex. Tripoli finally gets the charter plane. Glenn Doherty is on the plane. Mark Thompson wants to know why FEST has not been deployed and is told “it wasn’t the time”and “it might be too unsafe.” This type of rescue operation is, however, what FEST does and it is what the team’s mission is supposed to be. Their code is that you save people in peril who are in service of their country. You don’t leave men behind.

12:07:  A State Department Ops Alert  reports that Ansara al-Sharia has taken credit for the attack. Twitter is lighting up with calls for attacks on the US embassy in Tripoli.

1:00  am:  A call is made to Gregory Hicks from Chris Stevens cell phone. The caller says Stevens is at Benghazi Medical Center. Hicks knows the hospital is controlled by Ansar al-Sharia and fears it is a trap. The team does not go to the hospital.

1:15 am : The charter plane finally arrives in Benghazi but the team cannot leave the airport because there is no escort and no means of transportation from Libyans. Meanwhile, the terrorists set up another deadly assault.

2:00 am [8 pm DC time]: Hillary Clinton calls and talks to Gregory Hicks to ask for an update. She testified later that she also talked to the Libyan National Congress President for an update.

8:39 DC time: Almost 5 hours after the attack, Leon Panetta’s meeting at the Pentagon is over. The military response was to have teams ready but not deployed. The Marine fleet was told to prepare to deploy; a second fast platoon and a special ops force in Central Europe was ordered to deploy to Signorello. Just shy of five hours into the attack, the military is being told to prepare to deploy but not to actually deploy. Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty are still alive at this juncture.

An interim report by the House Joint Committee said there were no planes or helicopters nearby which was obviously incorrect. Rep. Jason Chaffetz explains this by saying it was only an interim report.

3:00 am In Tripoli: Gregory Hicks gets a call from the Prime Minister of Libya notifying him that Ambassador Stevens is deceased.

4:00  am [10:00  pm DC time]: Hillary Clinton testified she gave an update to Barack Obama at that time. It was the only time they spoke that day or evening.

On September 12 at 10:08 DC time: Hillary Clinton ignores the facts that there were months of warnings and a claim of responsibility by Ansar al-Sharia. She blames the Nikoula film for the “protest” in a public statement. She said,  “some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

4:45 am: The Tripoli response team is finally able to leave the Benghazi airport. Once at the annex, they come under heavy mortar attack. The mortars are precise. Ansar al-Sharia has been setting up the mortars since the prior evening. Woods and Doherty are killed by mortars while on the roof fighting for their lives and the lives of the people still alive at the annex.

In Tripoli, Lt Col Gibson and his special forces team is preparing to leave but it is called off as they are getting into their cars. Wood tells Hicks that he wanted to go but he was not authorized to go. He said to Hicks, “It is the first time in my career that a diplomat had more balls than somebody in the military.” Gibson later testifies to Congress that he was ordered to stand in Tripoli not to stand down. The effect is the same of course.

General Ham is at the Pentagon with Leon Panetta while all this is taking place. Ham personally told Rep. Chaffetz that they were ordered not to go even though they did have proximity and capability.

Obama did not give the necessary orders during the attack which also happened to take place very close to the election, which was weeks away.

On September 12th, the NSA intercepts two communications by al-Qai’da terrorists who say they participated in the attacks. The station chief reports back on the same day that the attackers had al-Qai’da ties.

Again on September 12, Beth Jones, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, emails Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s Chief of Staff and the State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, that the attack was orchestrated by Islamic terrorists.

“i spoke to Libyan Ambassador and..I told him that the group that conducted the attacks, AnsaR-al-Sharia is affiliated with Islamic terrorists,” Jones writes.

There was no mention of a video.

At 10:30 am on September 12th, Obama and Clinton appear in the Rose Garden and attribute the deaths of the four Americans to the video. Obama says, “we reject all effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.” At the end of his speech he vaguely alludes to a possible terror attack.

Obama likely does not want the attack to look like a failure of US policy or his administration with an election weeks away.

At 10:00 am on September 13th, Clinton gives a speech linking the youtube video to the attack. She says,”The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.”

Nikoula in a recent interview with Fox News said he was surprised to be the subject of the story but he was grateful for the publicity.

On september 14, at 2:30 pm, Andrew Air Force Base, the bodies of the four dead Americans arrive. Hillary Clinton again blames the video during the eulogy and says the attacks were the result of “an awful Internet video we had nothing to do with.”

Clinton then walked over to Ty Woods father to tell him that “we’re going to have the person arrested and prosecuted who did the video.” Thirteen hours later, Nikoula is picked up by local Sheriffs for violating probation by uploading to the Internet. His probation disallowed his use of the Internet.

A memo begins to circulate with Talking Points for the Sunday News shows. The original memos points out that the administration was told that the attacks were committed by known Islamic terrorists; initial press reporting linked the attacks to Ansar al-Shaira; and the CIA produced numerous pieces of evidence that extremists were threatening the compound for months prior to the attacks.

On September 14 and 15, two days after the attack and after 100 pages of emails and untold numbers of phone calls and meetings, the administration agrees on the 12th and final Talking Points memo. All mention of CIA warnings, Ansar al-Sharia, and al-Qai’da are deleted from the Talking Points. General Petraeus dismisses the Talking Points and says, he would “just as soon not use them”

There is no mention of the video in any of the emails and only one reference related to the earlier protests in Cairo.

The President of the Libyan National Congress, Mohamed al-Mugarif, appears on Face the Nation and says the Benghazi attack was anything but spontaneous. “It was planned by foreigners,” he said.

On the same day, Susan Rice appears on five Sunday talk shows and contradicts the Libyan President directly and blames the “hateful” video.

President Mugarif was insulted. It made him look weak and endangered his presidency. It embarrassed him before his own people and threatened his ability to lead his nation. He was angry according to Gregory Hicks.

On September 25th, Obama addressed the UN and again blamed the video, saying the attack was the result of a “crude and disgusting video.”

On September 27th, Nikoula was arrested and held without bond.

There has been no progress capturing perpetrators though we allegedly know who they are and where they are. DOJ Holder has said there is not enough evidence to put anyone on trial.

It took two weeks for the FBI to get permission to enter Libya to collect evidence. Gregory Hicks believes it was because the Libyan president was so angry about Susan Rice’s comments on the Sunday talk shows. He said a friend of his had dinner with Mugarif two weeks after the talk shows and he  was still angry. Hicks believes he prevented the FBI team from getting to the scene in Benghazi.

On election day, two-thirds of the American public found Benghazi troubling and 44% said Obama deliberately misled the public but Obama still won handily.

On November 7, 2012, Nikoula was behind bars without bail.

In a Fox News poll taken June 22, 2013, 53% of the public believed that Obama’s handling of Benghazi weakened their faith in government.

President Obama has said wars must end and  we will now deal with terrorism “smartly.” He has called an end to war, but do the terrorists know that? Usually wars end after someone wins. We are holding up a white flag.

I am Hillary Clinton and “what difference…at this point..does it make?”

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