Berlin Leads EU in a Suicide Pact



Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban warned of a “nasty surprise” for Europeans in the coming days when Angela Merkel or one of her henchman announces the resettling of half a million Syrian refugees throughout Europe, according to Express UK.

Orban said: “The issue [of resettlement] will be a hot potato in the coming period because even though this could be kept in a semi-secret state…someone somewhere – I think in Berlin this week – will announce that 400,000-500,000 Syrian refugees could be brought straight from Turkey to the EU.

“This nasty surprise still awaits Europeans.”

They don’t know how many will end up in what country but Britain is one of the countries with a very generous welfare system.

The EU just agreed to give Turkey more than $2 billion dollars to help stem the flow of refugees, many of whom are economic refugees and some who will undoubtedly be jihadists or sympathetic to the cause.



He added that EU nations would then be obliged to resettle them, with “intense” pressure to take in quotas of newly-arrived refugees.

Mr Orban continued: “We should not only bring these people to Europe but divide them amongst ourselves, as an obligation.”

“It will not be an easy one because obviously we cannot accept it like this.”

The price the member states paid to join the EU was very high. They lost a lot of their freedom to choose and it most definitely will affect their sovereignty.

We know the EU can’t properly vet these people. The Paris attack was led by a man who escaped after traveling through six EU borders. He wasn’t the only one.

Most of the refugees go to Sweden and Germany now because others have refused to take them in violation of the EU pact. Both countries have generous welfare.

This “nasty surprise” was bandied about at the EU summit in Malta when they decided to fork over $2bn to Turkey.

UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP told the plans were “utterly unacceptable” and Europe’s citizens were “being deliberately kept in the dark”.

The polls show that the people in the EU countries do not want these unvetted migrants foisted on them.

“We were told yesterday in Brussels by an EU security adviser that Daesh [ISIS] could well be planning to use the community tensions from mass resettlement to their advantage by radicalising those who find themselves in neighbourhoods where they are not welcome,” Hookem said.

The Schengen agreement allows Europeans to travel freely from one European country to another without showing idea. That too is a cause for concern.

How many Paris attacks will it take to stop this? Sweden, Germany, France, Belgian are having massive problems with their refugees. More than 14,000 have disappeared from Sweden and no one knows where they are. Of course, they could have crossed borders.

The EU is very generous to legitimate refugees but it’s being exploited. Fighting age young men traveling alone should be turned away at this point or they will keep coming.

Express UK

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