Berlin socialists might seize private property as a human right



The German administration has already forced apartment and hotel owners to rent to migrants at low rates. The idea of confiscation of private property is acceptable to half the nation. Currently, there is a push to seize private properties in Berlin.

Upset about the rents doubling since the repatriation of East and West Germany, the socialists are marching, demanding that the government seize the property of landlords who own more than 3,000 apartments.

East Germany was first under Nazi rule and later Russian Communist rule. Communism is now their fallback position. Instead of them seeing the benefits of freedom and capitalism, their ideology and their politics of envy threaten to bring down the West.

The apartments the socialists want to be seized were Russian-government owned and were sold when the wall came down.

About 44 percent of Berliners want to nationalize the private property of these landlords. They say the owners are “sharks.” That allows them to rationalize the theft they want to see take place.

The leftists in Germany see no problem in seizing private property. The socialists (communists) think it’s unfair that the government doesn’t own the property as it once did. They see seizure as some kind of human right just like the Occupy Wall Street crowd in the U.S. did.

The hard left is gathering signatures to put up a referendum to take over the properties without compensation. This is what the Nazis did. Unlike the horror of Nazi Germany, the investors will live and not be marched off to prisons, but they will lose all they have and own under this scenario.

A law that retroactively and arbitrarily takes away private property will seriously damage capitalism and investment in Germany. It has repercussions for the entire European Union and it is very dangerous.

Socialists (communists) in the United States believe the exact same thing. New York City communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wants a plan for “actual redistribution,” has already made it clear he wants to seize buildings of those landlords his appointees deem unworthy.

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double standards vs. rhetorical questions
double standards vs. rhetorical questions
4 years ago

When the glorious people’s collective utopia comes to the USSA will they seize the assets of Comrade Sandie Berners or the Chicago Jesus Messiah?
So corporate fatcats are rich capitalist pigs but comrades like Barnie Sandlers and Hussein Hopenchange are cool no matter how much wealth they accumulate under *evul* capitalism?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Quote from Leon Trotsky, “Where there is no private ownership, individuals can be bent to the will of the state, under the threat of starvation.” Milton Friedman “You cannot have a free society without private property.” People under the tyranny of Communism soon understood “Without property rights, all other rights mean little or nothing., Angels and spirits surely do not need property, but human beings have not yet attained that incorporeal state.”

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Read ‘The Noblest Triumph/Property and Prosperity Through the Ages ‘ by Tom Bethel. “Private property is a necessary(but not a sufficient) condition for liberty, justice, peace, and prosperity.”