Bernie Is Going to Pay Off Everyone’s Medical Debts


Communistic Bernie Sanders has another freebie for us. He will pay off $81 billion in medical debt. He will have to steal the money from the American people with money to pay off the debts of others. This is just one of trillions in free giveaways he has offered. Sanders has not explained how he will pay for this but we know he believes in high taxes.

His plan will cancel $81 billion in past-due medical debt, repeal sections of the 2005 bankruptcy reform bill and protect credit scores from being affected by medical debt, according to a press release obtained by The Hill on Saturday.

He didn’t say anything about canceling gambling debts yet or giving everyone a free unicorn.

“We will eliminate medical debt in this country. Just stop and think for a second — why should people be placed in financial duress? For what crime did you commit? You had a serious illness? That is not what this country should be about,” the Vermont senator said at a South Carolina town hall Friday.

It will be a vote-getter. Of course, we are deeply in debt and don’t have spare cash for all these benefits.

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