Adopting Bernie Sanders’ 90% Tax Rate, Becoming France


Bernie Sanders, a radical Socialist, said during a recent interview that a 90% tax rate isn’t too much.

He referred to the middle of the last century when Eisenhower had the tax rate at 93% but he failed to mention that no one paid that tax rate. The war brought about a big government apparatus. The very rich escaped the tax rate by moving assets overseas.

France isn’t at a 90% tax rate but there taxes are very high and they do serve as a good example of what will happen to us on this path we seem to have chosen. An excellent short video by CBN News is posted below which provides a summary. Though it’s four years old, it’s current.

The best and the brightest have been leaving France. According to one poll at the time, more than half of French young people would leave France if they could because France offers no future. France doesn’t want them to succeed or become wealthy in their view and that’s true.

The present climate in France is one that promotes hatred for the rich, the same rich who supply the jobs and the innovation. In that way, they haven’t moved the needle that far since they executed their king and queen.

What can you expect from a country where the president hates the rich?

Our president, who, ironically, is rich, also hates the rich or at least says he does to garner support and votes. Maybe he believes it.

The French have had it, including, and especially, businesses. France is a country where the regulations and taxes change almost every day – literally.

Who can’t see that happening here? Just today, Barack Obama began a seizure of all small waterways in the U.S.

Back in 2013, Elizabeth Moutet created a lot of enemies in the French establishment and the French media for telling the truth in an article, “Down and out, French flee a nation in despair.” You can read it here.

France has long been a hater of the rich. They have a rich Marxist heritage and they haven’t recovered from it. Their country is by far the worst in Europe for progress, jobs, regulations and taxation. They are being buried under their welfare state.

It is our future too as we continue to move in their direction with this hatred of the rich, business people, and the achievers in society.

The unions encourage lazy workers and if the company tries to do something about it, they kidnap the bosses. They work only three hours a day. Employers also can’t fire anyone because of their extremist unions.

The French won’t face the problems their Progressive state has caused them. Will we? Once they’re in place, it’s all but impossible to change.

The fact that a hippie nut like Bernie could seriously run for president and have the serious attention of the media is merely a symptom of how low we’ve sunk as a nation and how far we have been removed from our core values and our constitution.


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