Bernie Sanders Blasts United Airlines, Would Probably Like Government Airlines


Calling U.S. airlines “dysfunctional,” Sen. Bernard Sanders said Sunday that Congress must get involved in how airlines treat passengers. He is making a judgement based on a faulty premise, however, and thinks the plane was overbooked.

Bernie thinks the government can do everything better when in fact the opposite is mostly true. He wants overbooking banned but the United flight that physically dragged off a feisty passenger who refused to give up his seat wasn’t overbooked. They were fully booked and needed the seats for flight crew who had to relieve other crew because of strict government regulations about how much sleep crews need before they can man a plane.

Airlines only operate on a 5.1% profit margin. They can’t afford to leave seats empty.

Sanders has a new mission.“Anybody who flies a lot — and as a United States senator, I fly a lot — knows how dysfunctional in many respects airlines are,”  Mr. Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I’ve been on airlines many, many times where people have been asked to leave. And I think what we do need is to take a hard look at the airlines in this country and make them much more responsive to the consumers than they currently are.”

Sanders is dysfunctional. He can’t even identify the problem. The problem wasn’t overbooking. He is talking about consolidation whatever that means. What’s his end goal seeing he’s a Socialist and all. He would probably like one airline – Government Airlines – they’ll get you there late, if at all. When they drag you off the plane, they’ll take you to jail.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, another far-left Democrat from Illinois, is pushing legislation that would prevent airlines from forcing passengers off overbooked flights. Instead, airline companies would have to keep increasing their financial compensation offers until customers voluntarily give up their seats. They could be up to $10,000. That’s ridiculous.

It’s not known if Sanders agrees with Schakowsky as he mostly does, but he said the status quo cannot continue.

The government has done such a good job. Look at what they did to the Post Office. It’s running about $16 billion in the red each year and they can’t get together to decide what to do about it.

United will give a large settlement to the passenger dragged off the plane and they won’t use security officers again. We will all be less safe but we sure don’t need the help of the government.

Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in the country according to the latest left-wing poll and yet he’s achieved nothing at all of significance while in the senate. He’s never worked at anything but his government jobs.

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