Bernie Sanders Demands President Trump Resign, Condemns Any Tax Cuts


Senator Cory Booker this weekend demanded President Trump resign as he praised groper Al Franken for resigning, forgetting that Franken basically said the women were mistaken or lying. His comments were followed by communist Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press insisting Trump consider resigning as Franken did.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has convicted the President of sexual misbehavior without a trial.

In an interview Sunday on “Meet The Press,” Sanders noted that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota resigned after several women accused him of sexual harassment.

“Al Franken felt it proper for him to resign,” Sanders said. “Here you have a president who has been accused by many women of assault, who says on a tape that he assaulted women. He might want to think about doing the same.”

Democrats think it’s okay to bully even their own out of office without due process because they have a plan to attack Republicans based on alleged sexual harassment by the President and a possible future senator from Alabama.

Bernie and Cory aren’t alone. It’s the new Democrat game plan.

They’re very transparent, counting on Americans not remembering what has gone on. The plan is to demonize Republicans as sexual molesters, something Democrats have been doing openly since Bill Clinton.

On Thursday, Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon called on Alabama GOP candidate Roy Moore and the president to step aside, pointing to the allegations of harassment against both men.

“The president should resign because he certainly has a track record with more than 17 women of horrific conduct,” Merkley told “Meet The Press Daily.”

Lots of luck with that you conniving jerks.

Big spender, big taxing communist Bernie said he will also do all he can to defeat the Republican tax cut. This is the man who said a 90% tax rate isn’t too much. He’s the man who never worked a real job until he was in his 40’s and became mayor of Burlington.

The economy is doing well thanks to the President and Democrats are desperately discrediting him or assigning credit for anything working in the economy to the former president who couldn’t get a year of 3% GDP growth although all presidents before him have.

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