Bernie Sanders for Grave-Robber-in-Chief, 2016


Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders wants your money and your property after you die when you can’t fight back so he can redistribute it to complete strangers in the name of Big Government.

The dead paid taxes on their wealth throughout their lives and, once dead, they receive no services from the government, yet Big Government wants their wealth after their deaths. It’s grave-robbing by the government. It is the tax that comes closest to outright theft.

The dead are easy targets. They don’t fight back and their heirs didn’t earn the money and property of the deceased which puts them at a disadvantage, especially if there are a lot of them.

Bernie Sanders and other leftists say it’s a tax on the rich but the rich person is dead. The burden falls on the heirs, not the rich. The government wants to take their inherited money to keep them from getting rich.

Bruce Bartlett conducted a study for the National Center for Policy Analysis and found that very little of the wealth of wealthy people comes from inheritance.

Ironically, the larger the inheritance, the more loopholes there are to avoid the tax.

Leftists like to say that it allows the government’s philanthropy. Since when is that the government’s job and since when do the rich not give tremendous sums of money to charity, with some exceptions of course?

Americans generously support churches and charitable causes throughout the world but charity is from the heart and it is a voluntary act. Furthermore, when a government gives it, the donor has no choice in who the money goes to. Clearly partisan groups are almost always recipients of the government largesse.

The estate tax is pure Marxist redistribution with the dead person unable to receive one benefit. Arguments in support of it are as valid as promoting the poor bank robber who needs money to buy that house he always wanted.

It is intrusive with the IRS demanding an accounting of everything the dead person owned. What right does the government have to do that?

The bottom line is this is about freedom and the private ownership of property. A government that grows too big seeks to deprive the “rich” and the not-so-rich of private accumulated assets over which they have no right. They’ve already paid taxes on it, many times over.

Estate taxes have over the years reached into the pockets of the middle class. It becomes a lucrative ATM for the beast of Big Government and it’s an easy target.

It is depriving Americans of the right to dispose of their property as they wish. If you saw the movie “Sea Biscuit”, you know that the machinations the owner of the ranch had to go through to keep her family’s property were unfathomable. Many times, the inheritance is locked up in farms and ranches, the funds are not liquid and it means the heirs lose the farm that has been in the family for generations.

A government that takes a person’s property after death is a common thief.

Still there are wealthy individuals who want the estate tax like Bill Gates, George Soros, some Rockefellers, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet. That all can be explained by their ideology which is not one that regales liberty, it worships at the altar of redistribution and leftism, not liberalism, but leftism. The estate tax punishes hard work, success, savings, investment and it stifles entrepreneurship.

Leftists and liberals will tell you that heirs didn’t earn it so they don’t deserve it but someone needs to tell me then why the government thieves who give it to other strangers deserve it. They will tell you that you didn’t build that and therefore you have to give it back to the benevolent government that made you successful. That would be the same government that taxes, regulates and mandates.

The bottom line is how free are we when the government can steal your money after your death, money you earned, and dole it out to complete strangers instead of your heirs? It’s a sad time in America if people really believe this is the right thing to do.



  1. Another low information story by a typical blogger with no journalistic skills ,So it’s that cut and dry huh? those damn Leftists just want to give your money to the poor regardless if you earned it or not. This story tells me nothing other than the writers slanted opinion!

  2. Another typical low information leftist.. Insult the conservative and offer no facts. Sanders only wants to take other peoples’ money. He wants the top tier tax rate to be at 90% and he doesn’t think that’s too high. Who the hell are you or Sanders to steal other peoples’ hard earned money?

  3. Poor Bernie still suffers the delusion that all wealth is created by the “working class..” So if you have any wealth, it must have been stolen from the workers and must be expropriated by the State on behalf of the workers. In practice the workers stay poor but the Party leaders somehow have the wherewithal to live very well indeed. Think “Clinton.”

  4. The wealthiest Americans actually DO NOT pay “their fair share” of taxes while they are alive. Half of all capital gains flow to the richest 0.1 percent of Americans, and they are taxed at just 20 percent, well below the 39.6 percent rate for ordinary income. What is fair about that?

    The estate tax is even more regressive, applying to just 0.2 percent of estates a year, at an average effective rate of less than 17 percent, since millions of dollars of the inheritance are exempted from the formal 40 percent rate.

    AND – presumably, the wealthiest enjoy these legal tax breaks so that they are able to use their money to stimulate the economy and provide jobs. If they do that, every dollar they spend on that is an BUSINESS EXPENSE, and not INCOME, so they would not be taxed on those dollars. Not one bit. So, if the wealthy actually re-invest in America, there is NO TAX TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!!

    Quit whining.

  5. No one has the right to steal other peoples’ money, certainly not money that has been taxed over and over such as inheritance taxes. He wants to tax inheritance at astronomical rates. That will most definitely go beyond the wealthy. Once Socialist, there will be no one who will be left unscathed.

    Quit stealing.

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  7. Can’t take you seriously if you don’t crunch the numbers… The inheritance tax is designed to make the rich spend instead of hoard. God forbid they actually give their relatives money/property while they are still alive!

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