Bernie Sanders Is Out to Destroy Capitalism


Angry curmudgeon Bernie Sanders is running for president on an anti-Capitalist agenda. He wants to take over the banks. He calls himself a Socialist but most recognize he is well beyond Socialism. He is however doing quite well with Democratic voters.

He went on another anti-Capitalist rant, claiming Wall Street is a fraud.

“I think the business model of Wall Street is fraud. These guys drove us into the worst economic downturn of this century, I think they are at it again. When you have so few banks with so much power, you have to not only reestablish Glass-Stegall, but you’ve got to break them up. And I don’t think that is Hillary Clinton’s position. I believe our trade policies have been a disaster… I am helping to lead the effort against the Trans-Pacific partnership, that is not Hillary Clinton’s position. I believe along with Pope Francis and all scientists, that climate change is threatening this planet in horrendous ways… and defeat the Keystone pipeline. That is not Hillary Clinton’s position.”

He also stated yet again that he agrees with Pope Francis on climate change. The old Atheist suddenly likes the Pope and can’t say enough good things about him.

The crisis came about because liberals made banks give loans to people who couldn’t pay them and because liberals promise banks they will bail them out. If they want to see improvement, they should consider not securing deposits and letting the market work on its own.

The market is still down and we could head into a recession but not because of the banks, because of failed liberal policies.

If you heard the economic news is good, you didn’t get the entire story.

Paul Vigna of the Wall Street Journal said Monday that the fundamentals are bad. There has been no profit growth, no sales growth, virtually no GDP growth, we have stagnant wages, low consumer spending, and no reason to believe the market should be at all time highs.

The economy is slow mostly because of liberal policies.

Poverty is on the rise since Obama took office. Poverty among women is up by one million and among blacks, it’s up one-and-a-half percent.

The median income for all working Americans has dropped since 2009 an average of $2,000.

Obama has made it easier for illegal alien criminals to come into the United States and to stay.

He’s hurt the illegal immigration mess.

More than 2.5 million illegal immigrants including 150,000 illegal alien children have entered the country since he took office. More than 300,000 children have been born in the United States to illegal alien mothers, the majority of whom receive welfare. The economic burden falls on citizens.

Bernie thinks it is the fault of the investors and doesn’t have a clue about what is really going on.

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