Bernie Sanders Netted $1 Million Last Year, Cashed In on Socialism


Spouting starry-eyed Socialist ideals and trashing the rich pays off and makes one rich! Just ask Bernie and Jane Sanders who have cashed in on socialism and made a killing with three homes and a million dollar income. In his Socialist wake however, there is the college Jane ruined and a state he helped drag into unrelenting poverty.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a great financial year in 2016. While the Democratic socialist [which in the end is no different than socialism and communism] warns against the concentration of wealth in the hands of “the top 1 percent,” he is the top 1%.

His annual income of $200,000 makes him one of the least wealthy senators, which should concern Americans – why are they all so wealthy working as public “servants”?

The former Democratic presidential candidate made some $858,750 off book royalties alone last year,” Newsweek reports. “Combined with his Senate salary, he likely cleared $1 million in earnings.” Bernie received a $795,000 advance for his recently published “Our Revolution,” [obviously it’s not bringing in a lot of cash]. It includes his inflammatory rhetoric against the evil rich. How ironical.

Sanders website says that “the issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time” — in the unusual position of being among the top 1 percent of earners in the U.S.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, to be a 1%er in Vermont, you need to make between $461,000 and $989,000, depending where you live in the depressed state.

Furthermore, according to this left-wing Institute, he is in the percentage that makes way too much – he’s grabbing all the bucks and contributing to income equality. From the website:

What this report finds: Income inequality has risen in every state since the 1970s and in many states is up in the post–Great Recession era. In 24 states, the top 1 percent captured at least half of all income growth between 2009 and 2013, and in 15 of those states, the top 1 percent captured all income growth. In another 10 states, top 1 percent incomes grew in the double digits, while bottom 99 percent incomes fell. For the United States overall, the top 1 percent captured 85.1 percent of total income growth between 2009 and 2013. In 2013 the top 1 percent of families nationally made 25.3 times as much as the bottom 99 percent.

In essence, Bernie has spent years making his state poor by chasing out all the wealth but he himself is doing just fine. The average income in Vermont is about $39,000 to $59,000, thanks to a handful of rich people in some areas. If you go to Rutland, the average income is $39,000.

Some reports say you must have a net worth of $7 million to qualify as a 1%er – those are the people who want to promote socialism and pretend Bernie’s not rich. Bernie’s net worth is somewhere between $400,00 and $700,000 but his retirement income is valued at a couple million.

He’s richer than most of us will ever be.

Jane Sanders

Jane for her part, made a great living off a college she personally destroyed. She is being investigated for it but she will probably be cleared because she is the Jane Sanders who stands strong for socialism and is loved by statists and corporatists alike. After she drove the college into the ground with a dishonest representation of the school’s endowments to make a land acquisition deal the school couldn’t afford, she was forced to leave with a $200,000 severance package. Getting $200,000 for destroying a college is not a bad haul.


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