Bernie Sanders Pimps Himself Out for His Corporate Donor Ben & Jerry’s


Socialist Bernie Sanders has made a career out of railing against the 1%, corporations, Wall Street but when it comes to his donors, he is a corporate shill.

Only one question, Bernie, will the ice cream be “free”. Can we define it as a right?

The Vermont lawmaker, who has lived off the government purse his entire career, tweeted a picture of himself Friday night speaking at anBen & Jerry’s St. Albans plant looking like he was coming out of a vat of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

He looks like one of those bunnies who jump out of cakes and IowaHawkBlog noticed tweeting, “Worst bachelor party ever”.

Another twitter user wrote, “BREAKING: Ben and Jerry’s has announced their newest flavor – ‘Salty Socialist.”

Another named it, “Bernie released two new flavors: Dusty Old Fart and Sell-Out Crumble-Cuck. Socialism is failure and death, Bernie.”

Apparently shilling for corporations is okay with Socialists as long as they’re donors.

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