Bernie Sanders’ Press Secretary Suggests Claire McCaskill Is Racist


Sen. Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray took to Twitter to accuse Claire McCaskill of using “racial dog whistles” in her post-debate analysis.

Racist Claire McCaskill?

“‘Free stuff doesn’t play in the Midwest’ sounds an awful lot like the racial dog whistles about ‘hard-working whites’ vs ‘handouts’ for POCs and I really hope that’s not what’s happening here,” Gray tweeted, along with a clip of McCaskill’s remarks.

Everybody is racist. Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Southern Democrats, Trump supporters, Tucker Carlson, Betsy Ross, the Founding Fathers, all Americans, are racists.

Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Jordan Peterson are ‘NAZIS.’

This has to stop. We can’t put up with this anymore. It’s absurd. The words no longer have any meaning.

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2 years ago

Next will be the moon being “waaacisst” cuz it appears to be white in the night sky. Not that McCashill is not, but that is how ridiculous this all has become.
As someone said, “when the left has nothing to offer in a discussion, they resort to the race card”. That is what we are seeing right now.
Won’t play well in ’20. Losers they are.
Just sayin’.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
2 years ago

They have no rational response to their lunatic policies, so they use racism as their attack reaction.