Bernie Sanders Proves He’s a Little Daft


daffy Sanders'

Bernie Sanders doubled down on his daffy debate comments about climate change causing terrorism and claiming it is a more serious threat than terrorism. It’s a concept that Barack Obama and John Kerry have enthusiastically conveyed to a not always accepting public. Hillary Clinton is also on board.

While on Face the Nation Sunday, Bernie said the CIA and DOD are saying the same thing. They say whatever Barack Obama tells them to say. He has politicized the agencies.

JOHN DICKERSON: “Senator Sanders, I want to ask you, pick you were right where we left off last night when you mentioned that climate change in fact is related to terrorism. Can you talk a little bit more about that?”

BERNIE SANDERS: “That’s not only my observation, John, that is what the CIA and Department of Defense tells us. The reason, it’s pretty obvious, if we are going to see an increase in drought, and flood, and extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is that peoples all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources. If there is not enough water, if there is not enough land to grow your crops then you’re going to see migrations of people fighting over land that will sustain them. And that will lead to international conflicts. I think when we talk about all of the possible ravages of climate change, which to my mind is just a huge planetary crisis, increased international conflict is one of the issues that we have got to appreciate will happen.”

Dickerson had problems understanding what the attacks in Paris had to do with climate change. Bernie explained and you will have to decide if the answer makes sense given what you know about terror attacks. If an administration doesn’t understand the nature of the problem, are we going to be able to resolve it?

JOHN DICKERSON: “How does drought connect with attacks by ISIS in the middle of Paris?”

BERNIE SANDERS: “Well what happens in say, Syria, for example, there’s some thought about this. Is that when you have drought, when people can’t grow their crops, they’re going to migrate into cities. When people migrate into cities they don’t have jobs, there’s going to be a lot more instability, a lot more unemployment and people will be subject to the types of propaganda that al Qaeda and ISIS are using right now. Where you have discontent, you have instability, that is where problems arise, and certainly without, a doubt climate change will lead to that.”

In August, the former head of the DIA, General Michael Flynn said something quite different.

In an interview with Mehdi Hasan of al Jazeera, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn said it was a “willful decision” by the Obama administration to let ISIS expand.

MEHDI HASAN: You are basically saying that even in government at the time you knew these groups were around, you saw this analysis, and you were arguing against it, but who wasn’t listening?

GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN: I think the administration.

MEHDI HASAN: So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis?

GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN: I don’t know that they turned a blind eye, I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision.

MEHDI HASAN: A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN: It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.

The US was arming the so-called insurgents though it was known that al Qaeda and other terrorist groups might receive the arms. It’s hard to know how the weather affected their decision to do that.

It was more a willful decision born of political ideology than anything else and the climate had nothing to do with it.



  1. Muslims have been living in desert terrain for 1400 years. As far as I know, deserts are hot dry places with very little rain, and have been the same for thousands, if not millions of years. In addition, Muslims have been killing Muslims as well as other people for the same 1400 years, in the same climate. So tell me what the difference is? There is no difference. Climate has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism. The Muslims are insane, violent, hostile people, and have been for 1400 years. Obama, Bernie, Hillary, Kerry, and anyone else that thinks “climate change” is the reason for Islamic terrorism, is a clueless idiot.

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