Bernie Sanders’ Soviet-Style Economic Jobs Plan, Free Everything


Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is preparing to unveil a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job offering $15 per hour and health care benefits to any American worker “who wants or needs one,” The Washington Post reported Monday.

The plan is still being drafted and it is unlikely he will explain how it will be paid for.

According to Fox News, Sanders has an outline that “calls for the government to fund hundreds of projects in categories such as infrastructure, education and the environment.” Americans who want to do the hard work of building roads and bridges, educating children, and cleaning up embankments on major highways will either receive a job with one of these projects –full healthcare benefits and a $15-per-hour wage, included — or receive job training.

The plan also includes dividing the country into 12 separate “districts” within the United States, each with a specialized area of industry, that would develop service projects and major infrastructure job plans, which they would then forward to the Department of Labor for approval.

This is social engineering taken to a Communist extreme.

Economic Illiterates Gillibrand and Booker Support It

An economic illiterate, like her buddy Bernie, Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted for a similar program. “If Republicans could give $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest among us, why can’t we invest a similar amount in a guaranteed job plan for regular Americans who are unemployed and willing to work to better their local community?”

What she didn’t realize is the government doesn’t create jobs, the people do, the private sector does that. If they could create jobs, they would have done it when Obama reigned for eight years.

The Democrats are very anxious to kill the tax cuts and all benefits to businesses. She is not alone. Cory Booker wants to government to take money from the taxpayers. The government would then take that money and give it to their chosen ones. Obviously, the beneficiaries will be their voting base.

On Friday, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. announced the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act, which would call for the Department of Labor to select up to 15 areas to institute a job guarantee. According to Vox, which first reported on Booker’s plan, those jobs would pay the higher of $15 per hour or the prevailing wage and offer paid family leave and health benefits.

Bernie is very fond of the Soviets, traveled there on his honeymoon, and made Burlington a sister city with Yaroslavi. He apparently liked the district set up. Russia is divided into 12 economic regions.

You will be happy to know Bernie plans to run in 2020.

We can all be Panem.

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