Bernie Sanders spouts commie goals as his thugs push reporters around


Communist Bernie Sanders was in Iowa spewing his usual hate towards drug companies, health insurance companies, the President, the military, prisons, fossil fuel companies, all companies, Wall Street, the rich, the usual. The national security threat we face isn’t China, ISIS, Iran, North Korea, it’s climate change, according to him. Bernie wants open borders now. He didn’t mention it yesterday, but he has in the past made it clear he’s going to take most of our guns away.

How anyone could think any one of these freebies is do-able is beyond me. We have a 23 trillion dollar debt and the interest rate is ever-increasing as we run up a trillion-dollar deficit each year. The interest alone will destroy us.

Millionaire Bernie thinks Trump is the most dangerous President, it’s not true, but Bernie would be if elected. Then he talked about uniting the country. This lunatic has never united anyone. His vile language about the President was absurd.

The red diaper baby promised lots of freebies, trillions of dollars worth to include free healthcare, college, housing, climate whatever, and free retirement. He calls all of these things ‘human rights,’ meaning they get them from the government and whoever still makes money will pay for them — deadbeats, grifters, cheats, and so on.


A campaign staffer for Bernie Sanders was screamed at by a local photojournalist who was repeatedly shoved following the Vermont senator’s remarks at the Iowa State Fair.

The confrontation erupted after members of the campaign relentlessly pushed the local journalists to make room for Sanders as he made his way to various attractions at the fair on Sunday, The Washington Examiner reported.

The press pool erupted in chaos as Sanders left the campaign event, which was hosted by the Des Moines Register.

“Do not put your hands on me. You keep pushing me,” the female photographer yelled at the staffer.


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