Bernie Tells His Often Violent Supporters to “Fight in Every Way” They Can


Socialist Bernie Sanders and Fake-a-hontas Elizabeth Warren sat down for a Facebook live event Monday, taking questions from supporters. Bernie told one supporter to fight in “unprecedented” ways and “fight back in every way you can”.

The tone deaf Vermont leftist poured more gasoline on the flames while Rep. Scalise and others are still suffering, recovering in the hospital. It was his supporter who did the shooting.

Rush Limbaugh asked if Bernie might want to be tied closer to James T. Hodgkinson than he already is.

A supporter asked: “How do we fight or stand up to stop the proposed healthcare bill…how can a citizen stop this bill? What can we do exactly?”

 “We gotta stand up and fight back. We gotta be involved in the political process in a way that we have never been before. Because what is happening now in Washington is unprecedented. This is the worst piece of legislation.

You have got to work in an unprecedented way. Think big. Get involved in every way that you can. Rally the American people…

…So, Mary, stand up and fight back in every way that you can.”


Idiotic lies about healthcare

Bernie was out Sunday lying about healthcare.

During a Meet the Press interview Sunday, phony little Bernie railed against Senate Republicans who are about to finish a new bill.  Bernie said Republicans are working in “secrecy” and the “average Republican doesn’t even know what’s in that legislation.”

House Majority leader Mitch McConnell said everyone will have time to read the bill and offer Amendments.

Bernie ignored that and said: “My understanding is that it will be brought forth just immediately before we have to vote on it. This is completely unacceptable,” he added. “I mean, nobody can defend a process which will impact tens of millions of Americans and nobody even knows what’s in the legislation.”

Democrats, including Socialist Bernie, are accusing Republicans, who are trying to save our healthcare system, of doing what the Democrats actually did do.

Republicans asked Democrats repeatedly to join them in writing this new healthcare bill as Obamacare collapses. In fact, the last insurer on the exchange in Iowa just announced they have to raise premiums 40%.

All congressional Democrats refused to take part in the writing of the bill.

When Democrats wrote the original 2,000 page plus healthcare bill, they did so behind closed doors.

Also, no one read the bill before it was passed or had an opportunity to amend it. Nancy Pelosi, then-House Speaker, famously said they had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

It takes gall for him to say what he said.


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