Bernie Tells Unions They Will Definitely Lose Their Private Health Insurance


Yes, absolutely, Medicare for All will take away any opportunity for unions to bargain for healthcare benefits, says Vermont Senator and renowned red diaper baby Bernie. It’s not a bad thing according to the old commie.

At least he is telling the truth about the elimination of private insurance.

Over the years, union members have given up a lot to secure good health benefits, but Medicare for All will make certain that was all in vain. We will all have the same poor benefits. At best, Medicare for All will begin as Medicaid for All and it will break the backs of the middle class.

According to the Washington Examiner, the candidate who promotes Medicare for All will lose the vote in the “industrial Midwest.” That is what they are hearing from union officials.

Trump took the Rust Belt in the last election because of ill-treatment of industrial workers, and they are laying the groundwork for the same thing to happen in the Midwest with their insistence on abolishing private insurance and putting corrupt D.C. in charge of health care.

Bernie calls the $40 trillion cost of the program “a little bit of money.”

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris (most of the time), Kirsten Gillibrand and a number of other candidates will also end private health insurance. Medicare for All requires the elimination of private health insurance.

Bernie has no competence whatsoever and has sponsored no legitimate legislation for the past 40 years, other than naming post offices. Prior to the youth being turning towards communism and socialism, most Americans knew he was a nut.

Bernie also promises to raise taxes on the middle class.

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