Bernie, the Bad Socialist

Bernie, the fuel waster
Bernie, the fuel waster

Bernie is in the top 5% as we now know from his tax returns. He owned three homes, now two, and paid a low 13.5% income tax rate. He donated a mere $8k to charity for all his demands of the 1%, insisting they pay up to 90% in taxes which the government will then dole out to their choice voters and call it charity.

Bernie wants to return the country to the post-war 90% top tier tax rate which pushed the rich’s holdings overseas.

While in Rome last week, Bernie Sanders told the audience of priests, bishops, academics and two South American presidents that instead of a world economy that looks out for the common good, “we have been left with an economy operated for the top 1%, who get richer and richer as the working class, the young and the poor fall further and further behind.”

Bernie is retiring on $2 million. Are you, average person?

During the Democratic debate, Bernie claimed some of Mrs Clinton’s support came from employees at oil companies and lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. “‘As I understand it, 43 lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry maxed out, gave the maximum amount of money to Secretary Clinton’s campaign,” he said.

That was hours before he hopped on a YUGE 261-seater private jet with 10 family members and 4 grandchildren for the 8600 mile round trip, leaving a YUGE carbon footprint and wasting YUGE amounts of fuel.

MailOnline calculated that the trip used up to 33,000 plus miles for this one trip while the average American flies only 7500 miles per year. But it’s all for the good of  his ego after all.

His menu, the menu of a 5%er at least, was widely tweeted.

Oh, and his speech at the Vatican was on wealth inequality and the new ‘moral economy’ which he role modeled badly.

Hillary says he’s also a misogynist and a racist so it must be true.

Before Jane was fired, they made over $300,000 a year.

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