Bernie wants to ban any public school competition — no charter schools


Bernie Sanders, an angry red diaper baby

Communistic Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to take a public stand on charter schools, becoming the first 2020 candidate to call for a ban on the for-profit education choice.

Democrats used to support this. Charter schools helped the very poor minorities they claim they want to help. But their communist friends in the teachers’ union want to protect the monopoly and they won’t do what is necessary to improve public schools.

And Bernie Sanders doesn’t like profit in anything nor can he tolerate anything that doesn’t involve government control.

“Charter schools are led by unaccountable, private bodies, and their growth has drained funding from the public school system,” Sanders tweeted Friday, linking to a CNN report detailing his policy proposal. “When we are in the White House we will ban for-profit charter schools.”

“As president, I will stand with groups like the @NAACP and put a moratorium on federal funding of new charter schools until rules are in place to make sure they are operating with transparency and accountability,” he said in another tweet.


He’s just saying what communistas say. A senior Sanders campaign official shared the details of the policy proposal with CNN.

Sanders will also be calling for charter school teachers to be unionized and for CEO salaries to be capped.

Sanders is expected to argue that, while charter schools began with admirable intentions, “the system has been corrupted by wealthy activists who spent millions to privatize these schools, leaving them unaccountable and draining funds from the public school system,” CNN reported.

There might be an argument for more supervision, but it isn’t true that they are unsupervised. Also, in our opinion, there is no argument for unionizing them. They might as well be public schools if that happens. The unions have become unreasonable and very far-left.

Anything that isn’t government run will NOT survive under a President Bernie.

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