Bernie’s Demands! Follow NZ! Ban Semi-Automatics, Confiscate Guns


Independent Vermont Communist Sen. Bernie Sanders is urging the Trump administration to take some “real action to stop gun violence” and ban assault weapons, which he now appears to define as semi-automatics.

In a Thursday morning tweet, Sanders said the United States “must follow New Zealand’s lead,” where this week’s mosque shootings that massacred 50 people have prompted the government to ban anything looking like an assault weapon in a leftist’s eyes. They already had strict gun laws in the country.

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern banned all semi-automatics. There are no grandfather clauses and guns will be confiscated. All semi-automatics must be confiscated. This is what Bernie and other Democrats want — to disarm us as they make the country more dangerous with open borders.

If we do this while the Socialists and Communists in this country are poised to take power, we will end up like Venezuela. They gave up their guns six years ago.

She also said it’s possible to get one of the banned guns at a police station with special approval but she wouldn’t recommend it.

People are told to surrender their guns,



  1. Make no mistake about it, when New Zealotland bans scary looking guns then confiscates guns in general their crime rate will skyrocket just as it did in neighboring Australia when their law abiding citizens turned in their guns.
    Something that isn’t widely reported, the New Zealand shooter had 8 bombs in his car. Bombs are illegal in New Zealand just as they are in every other civilized country. If he can have bombs would stop another nutcase like Brenton Tarrant from getting an illegal gun? And what disarmed citizen would be able to stop another shooting. Another unreported fact is an armed congregant pursued the gunmen who opened fire during Friday prayer essentially ending the massacre.

  2. New Zealand has subjects, we have citizens. Their people have only the rights that the government grants, here government has only the powers granted to it by the citizens (or at least it used to be that way).

    • The politicians are making sure you get the message…start thinking anyway…before these forums are silenced…Big ado about the 50 muslims killed in New Zealand….but nary a word on the 120 Christians in Nigeria or the 20 in the Philippines….and over the years what have you really heard about the 1.5 million “missing” congregants of the Orthodox Church in Syria alone….and the “disappearing” Copts in North Africa…The mainstream media IS the “enemy of the people”…

  3. Bernie, I know that hit you took on the head from your shower door may have rattled the marbles rolling around, but we have a Constitution and 2nd Amendment. Bernie there is a reason America has the largest well-armed citizen militia in the world, its to keep sh*theads like you in check, now go to Home Depot and check out their walk in tubs, shower doors can be dangerous and we might have to ban them!!!!!!

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