Bernie’s Guy Andrew Gillum Wins Dem Nomination for Gov. in Florida


The Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Soros and Hollywood-backed leftist, won the Democratic primary for Governor. Additionally, Communist/Socialist Bernie Sanders enthusiastically endorsed and campaigned with the hard left Gillum who also has the advantage of being black. He would be the first black governor of Florida and there are people who will vote for him just for that reason.

Crazy Tom Steyer also enthusiastically supports Gillum. “Andrew ran a campaign that was unapologetically progressive and true to his values, and when faced with criticism, never changed course and never gave up,” said Steyer.

These billionaires — Steyer, Soros,  the collective Hollywood left — will heavily fund this candidate as well as the furthest left candidates in other states, especially Ohio, Arizona, other swing states and red states.


Gillum edged out moderate Rep. Gwen Graham. A moderate Democrat is one who isn’t a Communist or Socialist basically.

Florida is a key swing state. If you get a leftist like Gillum in office, the state will be lost.

This race so far is the most expensive in history with more than $120 million spent. It’s a priority for the conservatives and the far left.

Mr. Gillum is against the Second Amendment, promotes open borders, and supports all things far-left. He will do what Soros wants.

Far left Vox writes about Gillum:

The state capital’s mayor since 2014, Gillum is young at 39, black (he would also be Florida’s first black governor), and pretty far to the left ideologically. He received the endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Our Revolution, and Democracy for America in the primary. He has proposed hiking the state’s corporate tax rate to fund education, raising its minimum wage to $15, and he endorsed a Medicare-for-all single-payer health care system at the national level.

He wants to abolish ICE, Vox also reports.

His city of Tallahassee is under FBI investigation for corruption but the media has already absolved the mayor of any guilt.


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