Bernie’s receptive to a meat tax to save the world from the climate


Bernie Sanders has said he’d consider taxing meat in order to limit consumption, therefore saving the world from climate change. In other words, Democrats want to social engineer us into abiding by their will in accordance with their baseless prognostications. If you don’t do it, it will lead us to our climate doom.

There is absolutely no basis in fact for this. All they have are computer models and recent temperatures.

Bernie Sanders took a question from a woman at a campaign event, saying that Germany has imposed a meat tax in order to battle global warming. She wanted his reaction. Sanders was receptive to the idea.

The money from the meat tax would go to pay for free medial care and cars for illegals.

If it exists, they will tax it. They want to make us their serfs.

This took place at a town hall event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Thursday.

The Europeans even have their fake, but impressive charts:

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