Bernie’s Venezuelan Paradise Where People Sell Used Garbage Bags


Bernie’s Democratic Socialism works. It works in Venezuela as long as you like to eat pigeon and trash for dinner and don’t care if you ever see toilet paper again.

Polio has made a comeback in Venezuela, locals scour the city streets for plastic garbage bags full of rubbish. They empty them and sell them so they have money for food, Venezuela’s scarcest commodity. Hunting for used garbage bags is a career path now.

Oil production is plummeting and the state-owned oil company is in default, accordiang to the Wall Street Journal.

Venezuela won’t benefit from the oil boom because of massive mismanagement that comes from leftist policies. As far as the state-owned oil company, the creditors are fighting over the assets.

Venezuela is now ranked as the most dangerous country in the world by Gallup for the second year in a row, worse than Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Among the findings, the survey revealed that 42% of Venezuelans had property or money stolen in 2017, and nearly 25% of Venezuelans had been assaulted, one of the highest rates of assault in the world, according to the survey.

Only 17% of Venezuelans feel safe walking home at night.

Democratic Socialists in this country are now saying Venezuela is not a model of Democratic Socialism. Actually it is, but that’s always what the far-left says — we can do it better.

Nothing will get better any time soon because 85% of the people don’t trust Maduro’s opposition. Democratic Socialists always like to boast how they are not Communists because the people can vote. The elections are a sham, they’re always a sham in Democratic Socialist nations.

One of the things Maduro did to secure power was take the peoples’ right to arm themselves while he armed death squads. That’s why we must keep the Second Amendment.

Nicaragua is about to follow in Venezuela’s footsteps. Isn’t that grand?

Fishing for Pigeons in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela Where Food Is the Rarest Commodity


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5 years ago

Where is Sean Penn??? With Shia LaBeouf??