Bernie’s Wife & Michael Cohen-2 Peas in the Same Bank Fraud Pod?


What could Jane Sanders, the wife of former/future presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and Michael Cohen, former lawyer to candidate, now president Donald Trump, possibly have in common? How about both of them being accused of committing bank fraud.  

While the media has been going wall to wall over Cohen’s plea and deal, they’ve been virtually mum about an identical charge made against the famous senator’s spouse; and we don’t mean that whole campaign finance smoke screen. 

Bet you didn’t know that,  going on almost two years, there’s been a Grand Jury looking into credible claims that Jane, like Michael, fraudulently inflated assets to secure loans.  

On August 19, 2018 the New York Times reported federal investigators in New York are seeking to determine whether Cohen misrepresented the value of his assets to obtain the loans, which exceeded $20 million. 

The newspaper named the two banks that are said to have given Cohen the loans as Sterling National Bank and Melrose Credit Union, both of which do business with the New York taxi industry.

On Wednesday Cohen “took responsibility” for, among other things, lying to a bank. 

In May of this year, it was reported that while Jane Sanders was president of Burlington College the school decided to expand and obtain a tract of land from the local Roman Catholic Diocese. She secured a $6.7 million loan from a bank and a $3.6 million loan from the parish.

The 12-member board of the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency voted to issue tax-exempt bonds to cover the cost. 

With Sanders in charge, Burlington overstated pledged contributions by about $2 million in its  presentation to the state financing agency and bank. 

To secure the loan, she assured People’s United Bank and the state bonding agency that the college had $2.6 million in pledges.  Multiple individuals, who were listed as college donors, have come forward denying the commitments. 

Sanders resigned her position in 2011. The college, burdened by a debt it was unable to fully repay went broke, and closed several years later.  

While the circumstances surrounding the charges against President Trump’s very part time lawyer and Senator Sanders very full time wife are remarkably similar, the media coverage could not be more different.  

Here’s a thought.  Cohen’s actual felony of lying to get money advanced for his taxi cab business had not a hint of any Trump involvement.  Meanwhile, the FBI may well be looking into whether Jane’s bogus loans got a boost because she’s married to media darling, Bernie Sanders.  

So don’t expect to see a lot of “reporters” doing Trump-like speculation, linking Jane Sanders and Michael Cohen as, say, two peas in the same bank fraud pod.   


  1. I really don’t know what the solution is but, after Comey’s comments abut Fox News I suggest we all do everything we can to support them.

  2. Why should the ENE-Media report on his wife’s Bank Fraud when it has gone to such great lengths to, after the initial reports, BURY the fact that this demented socialist FRAUD wrote Rape Pornography back in 1972??

    Here he is making excuses for it to “Face The Liberals” host, Upchuck Todd:

    …and here is the article itself, embedded in a piece in the FAR FAR FAR leftwing publication, “Mother Jones”:

    Further, he voted AGAINST the Amber Alert system to prevent child abduction because he said he felt it was unconstitutional!!!!

    It seems to me that a simple case of Bank Fraud is chickenfeed compared to Senator Pervert’s own record.

    Of course, since Bolshevik Bernie IS a CLOSE COMRADE of his fellow socialists in the ENE-Media, look for his wife’s criminality to be buried as deeply in the mire as they buried his.

  3. Have you not realized as yet that it is NOT the offence BUT who committed the offence??? The fake mainstream media has rightfully earned themselves the title “enemy of the people” in their corrupt fairy tale manner of “reporting(?)”

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