Best #CNNBlackmail Tweets of the Day


CNN not only hunted down a private citizen for blackmail, they appear to have tracked down a 15-year old kid, who called himself HanA**holeSolo. They threatened him and then pretended they didn’t. We must add an update. CNN reports he is not a kid but an adult male.

CNN, the ClownNewsNetwork, will track you down and tell everyone who you are and where you live if you don’t do as they say.

Thug Chris Cuomo deleted his tweet, suggesting it was the way to go. Power goes right to their little heads.

For some reason, the #CNNBlackmail has disappeared from trending and we now have things like National Bikini Day taking its place. CNN has been silent on their blackmail stunt all day.

We haven’t been silent though and picked out our favorite tweets of the day for you. We hope you like them.


  1. How do I copy and paste one of those videos?

    Could a kind soul explain to me how I do that?

    I love the last video using the newyork play where liberals stab Trump to death and call it art…will they still call it art when CNN is the one being stabbed?

    I have to show this video to everyone I know, post it on facebook etc etc

  2. Tim Pool has a video report from G20 and said CNN blackmail had reached #2 World Wide.

    It sounds like the Internet has went full force on the media and releasing persona info on reporters.

    CNN has certainly opened up a can of worms especially the diatribe that Navarro let loose with. Many are saying this is the end for CNN.

  3. I fished through a couple of tweets for the giphy(s) we knew were coming. My grandson enjoyed them and the above while eating a slice of pizza. CNN is so JUSTIFIABLY screwed.

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