Best Interview: Tucker Obliterates Moonbat Columnist Who Trashed Senator Sessions


All the media is ganging up on Donald Trump’s cabinet picks or potential picks. Hello media, he won!

Senator Jeff Sessions is getting the worst of it.

CNN doesn’t think Islamic terrorism exists but is concerned about a bad joke Sessions made years ago. Senator Sessions desegregated schools in Alabama, broke the KKK and saw the leader executed, but the criticism of him is that he is tied somehow to the KKK and is a racist, The Weekly Standard reported.

That’s no surprise. We get this every time a Republican is a threat to the left’s power. We’re all RACISTS! Now they add xenophobes, nativists, and Islamophobes. They’re the party of extreme rhetoric.

This evening, Tucker Carlson did a good job of destroying a blabbermouth Roll Call columnist, Jonathan Allen, who didn’t know anything but suggested Sen. Jeff Sessions was a racist in an over-the-top article. He said Sessions was opposed to the Voting Rights Act and called the NAACP unAmerican. Actually, they are just another hard-left organization these days.