Scary as H*ll! Best Reason to Vote Republican Is Maxine Waters


Socialist babe Maxine Waters will become the Chair of the Financial Services Committee if Democrats take back the House. The woman who has been named multiple times as one of the ‘most corrupt’ in Congress by CREW, will handle the money.

She also had schemes going during the financial crisis and over hiring her daughter.


If she takes over the committee, she has promised to get even with banks, insurance companies, and all of Wall Street. Let’s not forget that Nancy Pelosi promised there will be collateral damage if they win the House.

“I will be the first African-American, the first woman to chair the powerful Financial Services Committee,” she told constituents.

“That’s all of Wall Street. That’s all the insurance companies, that’s all the banks. And so, of course, the CEOs of the banks now are saying, ‘What can we do to stop Maxine Waters because if she gets in she’s going to give us a bad time?’” she said.

“I have not forgotten you foreclosed on our houses,” she warned.

“I have not forgotten that you undermined our communities,” she continued with her sermon.

“I have not forgotten that you sold us those exotic products, had us sign on the dotted line for junk,” she yelled, “and for the mess that we could not afford.”

“I have people who are homeless who have never gotten back into a home. What am I going to do to you?

“What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to do to you what you did to us,” she vowed.

Actually, Maxine is partly to blame for the crash. She, along with others in Congress, forced Wall Street to give loans to people who couldn’t afford it.

video via Maxine Waters vote


It really isn’t funny if Republicans don’t get out and vote. Congressman Lee Zeldin spoke with Mark Levin last night and addressed what will happen if Democrats take the House.

Nancy Pelosi will be the Speaker, Adam Schiff will have the gavel, Jerry Nadler will move to impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh, and worse.

Take this seriously. Don’t address the agenda of the hard-left.

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