BET Co-Founder Bob Johnson Praises Trump, GOP Tax Cuts, Libs Unhappy


Black Entertainment Network co-founder Robert Johnson on Friday praised President Donald Trump for the current economic boom. He credited the GOP tax cuts in particular for improving employment of black Americans.

Johnson, 71, is the first African-American billionaire and co-founder of BET. He stood up to the attacks by the liberal panel.

“You’ve never seen African-American unemployment this low and the spread between African-Americans and whites narrowing,” Johnson said during a CNBC interview on Friday. In December, unemployment for blacks reached the lowest percentage (6.8%) in its recorded history.

“Business is very good,” Johnson said when asked about the economy by “Squawk Box” co-host Joe Kernen.

“I believe that if you take into account the Trump tax cut, you take into account the drop in unemployment and particularly unemployment for African-Americans, it’s the lowest it’s ever been in history. And you take into account the fact that interest rates are fairly stable, they will probably drift up, but so far,” he said.

“And I think the business community is committed to reinvest capital that they get from some of the tax advantages and that as a result of that, I think the economy is going to grow.”

Johnson went to Harvard Business School with Larry Kudlow and he is happy he is the new economy advisor.

“I’m glad he’s in D.C., I’m going to call and tell him, ‘Welcome to D.C.,'” he said of Kudlow.

The panel beat up on Mr. Johnson for saying he would work with Trump on improving Black employment. The panel tore Donald Trump apart but Johnson is his own man. The liberal, hate-Trump panel even brought up Charlottesville which was totally misunderstood and misinterpreted by the media.

BET founder Robert Johnson on the Trump economy from CNBC.

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