Beto CAMPAIGNS for President in…wait for it…wait…Mexico!


Beto is campaigning for President of the United States in Mexico. At least we know where his loyalties lie. In April, he was taking out ads in Mexico. Beto counts on the vote of illegal aliens and immigrants whose loyalties remain with Mexico or anywhere in Latin America. Beto speaks Spanish and uses a Hispanic nickname, but he’s actually a phony Irishman.

He doesn’t care about optics. We found that out when he talked immigration while having a dental cleaning.

The fake Hispanic also didn’t care to meet with overtaxed Border Agents, true Americans who need help. Robert Francis O’Rourke, a doofus, doesn’t give a hoot about the United States, but he sure knows how to pander while pretending he’s Hispanic.

It would be better if he ran for President of Mexico, but they are probably too smart to let him run, even if he had citizenship in the country.

Beto will definitely win the illegal alien vote, but the jury is out on legal immigrants and citizens.



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