Beto O’Rourke Says $70 Million Isn’t Enough


Beto O’Rourke, the fake Hispanic, wants more money, The $70,000,000 he has put into his campaign isn’t enough apparently to buy the Senate seat currently held by Ted Cruz.

The organization begging for dollars for Beto is ActBlue, an organization put together by George Soros, David Brock and other hardcore leftists.

The two candidates are not in a statistical tie as the ad indicates, but they are uncomfortably close in red Texas with Cruz leading by six points.

Beto has that much money because he makes frequent trips to California to beg for it from the wealthy leftists. That is being touted as an accomplishment – sad.

Having raised money doesn’t mean a thing. All it’s used for is deceitful ads trashing the opponent and it comes, not from the people who have to live with whoever wins, but from the elite in coastal states.

Some Democrats have suggested to Beto that he share his fortune with candidates who can actually win, but he has made it clear he will keep every dime. He loves redistribution but only with other peoples money.

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