Beto says ‘vote for me,’ I get haircuts & clean out ear hairs!


Beto has revamped his campaign since Buttigieg stole his voters. No more appearances skateboarding, or being plastered across the cover of Vogue touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. He will no longer be caught talking while having his teeth cleaned. That’s over. It’s a new chapter. He’s a serious man now.

Now he’s appearing on The View berating himself and chatting while having his haircut.

It’s sad.

Watch him get his ear hairs cleaned out. He speaks Spanish in the clip because he is Beto the fake Hispanic:

On The View, he couldn’t berate himself enough. Now, I ask you, can this wimpy man, who apologizes for everything, ever go up against a Putin or the Mullahs?

He is being mercilessly mocked

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