Beto the Fake Hispanic Had a Teeny Little Crowd Show Up at UNLV


The scrawny socialist Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke has seen his popularity wane as people get to know him and become familiar with his past record of non-achievements. That appears to be reflected in the teeny little crowd that showed up for him at the University of Las Vegas.

The publicity beforehand was dramatic and enticing if you are a person with any interest in him whatsoever.

They expected a much bigger turnout.

Beto, the fake Hispanic, attracted only 35 people. That’s not good, even given the fact that it’s a commuter school and students like to get home on Fridays.


Beto was the golden boy for a short while but the son of a communist Pete Buttigieg, who tries to present as a religious moderate, seems to be the new golden boy.

Pete is far-left, but he served his country, plays the piano well, won a Rhodes scholarship, and he’s gay. While none of these traits, admirable though they may be, mean he will be a good President, the identity politics left thinks they do.

As for Beto, wanting to run over children as a teen, burglarizing a facility and then fleeing the scene of his drunk driving crash as an adult and then lying about it, hasn’t helped him. We’d also like to think that people don’t appreciate his extreme politics, but who knows.

As an aside, he didn’t do that well in the coffee shop either.

If he wantws to attract a crowd, he’ll have to bring a popular band with him next time.

Going, going, he’s almost gone.

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