Betrayal Alert…Rand Paul Says ObamacareLite Keeps the Individual Mandate, Entitlements, Taxes


Rand Paul believes the new Obamacare bill is Obamacare Lite which is why he and the public are not allowed to see a copy of it.

He has not been allowed to see the replacement bill. It’s been kept under lock and key. The consensus bill is not the Leadership bill which is the one no one can see.

Rand Paul said there is a bill all Republicans voted on in 2015, the Tom Price bill, that is the bottom of what they would all accept and it is the consensus bill.

The bill being kept under lock and key is not that bill, it’s Obamacare Lite which includes the Cadillac tax under a different name; the Individual Mandate is kept with the tax going to the insurance company instead of the government; and finally Obamacare Lite will continue to be a federal government entitlement program with subsidies.

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