Betrayal of America! House Committee Passes Open Borders Asylum Rule


The House Appropriations Committee voted on Wednesday to allow victims of gang violence and domestic abuse to enter the United States under new asylum rules.

There is no way to verify their status as victims and any foreigner could make this claim, especially those coming from the hellholes of the world. Asylum rules are not meant to take in everyone or they’re not rules.

In June, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a decision to stop granting asylum for such claimants.

“The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes – such as domestic violence or gang violence – or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim,” he wrote.

On Wednesday House Republicans overturned this.


Even though there is no way to prove victimization by gangs or a bad spouse, this committee wants to let all who make the claim become U.S. citizens.

The amendment was offered by Rep. David Price (D-N.C.). They cleverly passed it on a voice vote so there is no record of who voted for or against. The committee is run by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) who let the vote pass out of committee. Yoder is a big supporter because, he says, his mother is a social worker.

“The precedent was established in 2014 that those fleeing gang violence and domestic violence would under certain circumstances be eligible for a credible fear claim,” Price said, vowing not to let the “draconian measure” stand. “There’s no question that what Attorney General Sessions has done would close the door almost completely,” he added.

In effect, they are siding with the past Socialist President who illegally altered asylum law to accommodate anyone and everyone who says they are victims of gangs or violent spouses. No country does this.

The House better squash it.

The law will open borders to anyone and everyone from these gang-ridden nations, which is all of them. It will soon be the USA.

Anyone can make the claims.

Pre-Obama, neither of those issues were grounds for asylum, nor should they be now.

This rule alone fully opens our borders. We could be on the hook to let nearly everyone from every nation come freely into the country. It can’t be proven if they are victims or not.

We could double our population or worse at this rate with foreigners, foreigners who lie. Americans are being replaced and Democrats are packing the electorate. As for Yoder, he needs to go.

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Armchair Tin-Kicker
Armchair Tin-Kicker
4 years ago

It seems to me the reason for passing the bill out of committee is to get all Democrat representatives on the record, supporting open borders. I predict the House bill will not pass in the full House, but the political damage to Demorates will be done.

4 years ago

Do your job, you bunch of citizen representative wanta bes

4 years ago

Call out every Republican find out who voted for it.
If they refuse, mark them down as yes.
I don’t think it will even pass the house.
We still need to know who they are.

4 years ago

In telephone townhalls Yoder has consistently and emphatically supported more immigrants, visas, and refugees. The primary opponent isn’t much better but the result would be a Representative with “less” power. Isn’t That a sorry state of affairs as a reason to vote for an individual.

There are two major counties that includes KU which made national news for its snowflake microaggression policies with toddler activities, on a college campus no less. A map shows two counties went for Clinton. Johnson County, which I always believed to be Very conservative barely went for Trump, with a little less than three percent, while the State went around twenty percent. It quite possible, even likely that Johnson county would poll better for Trump now. At the election Gary Johnson received over five percent of the vote.

Considering that Johnson County has the highest population, and considered the wealthiest, it would seem Yoder may be treading on thin ice. The two counties that went for Clinton are barely over ten percent of Johnson county. From what I know of the polling it seems the country as a whole is siding with Trump on this issue. The Democratic side is filled with many who want to “abolish ICE”.

4 years ago

The House Committee needs to do something about the foreign gang violence against Americans first. MS-13 gangs are all across the U.S.