Betsy DeVos Accosted by Hate Group BlackLivesMatter, AOL Lies


The Soros-funded hate group BlackLivesMatter accosted Betsy DeVos as she attempted to enter a D.C. public school Thursday. She was able to get into the school through another door.

To show you how corrupt the media is, read the AOL report on the event. The article began, “Betsy DeVos has been the U.S. Secretary of Education for only days and is already inspiring protests.”


Look at a screenshot from AOL. Notice how they refer to the “fiery statement that sent her running.”

They mocked her by saying she ran to her car and jumped in when one of the individuals assembled yelled “Shame”.

The truth is she was heading for the car at the time. It’s a complete fabrication.

Even Fox News on Friday compared the BlackLivesMatter radicals to the Tea Party. They too were broadcasting fake news saying that.

At the same time, AOL didn’t bother to mention the agitators, not protesters, were the radical hate group BlackLivesMatter. AOL didn’t bother to mention that when these people blocked the entrance, they were violating the law.

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