Bette Midler Asks @Jack to Kick Trump off Twitter for the planet’s sake


The radical ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ left wants to silence all critics. They especially want to silence the President and his supporters.

Bette Midler, the fascist actress, and singer, continually calls for shutting down free speech. This weekend she outdid herself and tweeted directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to kick Trump off Twitter to save the country and the planet. She generously added, at least “until the next election.”

How kind of her to not demand he lose his speech rights after the election too.

Dear #JackDorsey, why don’t you help your country & the planet, by kicking #Trump off #Twitter?” Midler posted. “Or shutting down until the next election? You’ve made more than enough money & Trump is strangling the free world w/his racist bile. Be strong! You can improve the course of history!”

In March, TDS victim Midler said Trump caused us to live through a war and now he will get away with his crimes.

has forced us to live through war as a nation for the last two years; he has caused depression, despair, confusion and death. We’re not just sick at heart, but literally sick from him; from uncontrollable rage at the thought that he will get away with his crimes.

It was actually the Democrats who forced the President to live through a fake Russia probe.

In March of 2018, she tweeted:

Trump Trump Trump
Bob Mueller’s marching,
Trump Trump Trump
And here is why
Trump Trump Trump
He’s gonna hang you
Hang the fam’ly

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) November 30, 2018

She also tweets Hamas PR for them. When 60 were killed over rioting when the U.S. Embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem — recognizing it as the capital — she came out in support of Hamas and the Iranian terrorists.

The communist/anti-Israel Women’s March also wants him silenced, as do most of the Stalinist left.

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